Barcelona: An excellent stopover and then fly to paradise

The Spanish islands are an attraction for tourists and during the summer months. Thanks to the year-round climate, we find ourselves in spaces where water is the main protagonist. Ideal to do some long walks and spend dead afternoons lying on the sand, more and more foreigners are coming here wanting to have a great time.
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there are many options for enjoyment on the island and is that, under a completely Mediterranean environment, the thermal sensation that we gain is much more bearable than the one that is usually breathed. Those who come from abroad for a vacation in which the sun is the in which the sun is the protagonist or those people who live in Spain but find in the Canary Islands a reason to be better, are the reservations that occur more at this time.

Flights barcelona tenerifeWhy continue your vacation in Tenerife?

If we fly from Barcelona to Tenerife we will realize the difference between one place and another. While in the city of Barcelona we have everything that anyone who loves culture could wish for, in the largest Canary Island we have natural parks and volcanic sand beaches that everyone would like to see at least once in their life but, why has it become so popular?:

Climbing Teide

One of the main activities to do if you want to make a cheap holiday in Tenerife cheap vacations in Tenerife is undoubtedly to climb Mount Teide. Tourist attraction par excellence of the island, if what we want is to see something unique and that we know we will like, nothing like getting here any day.

Walking in the Anaga Mountains

Declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCOThe Anaga Mountains are another place we have to go, the one that will stay in our memory forever. And, if the weather is good, it can be one of the best attractions to support nature tourism. Easy to travel by car, if we get a rental car we can reach every corner of the island.

Bathing on the beaches

The beaches of Tenerife are another good reason to take a plane from Barcelona to the island. Los Cristianos, the Adeje Coast or Puerto de la Cruz are some of the most successful bathing spots. Designed for you to cool off during your vacation or to spend the afternoon lying on its sands, it is undoubtedly a great opportunity to get to know all that it means to its residents up close.

See the cliff of Los Gigantes

The Canary Islands have many cliffs but perhaps none like Los Gigantes. Tourists, lost in its immensity, queue up to look down from the 600 meters of altitude that they have and venerate it so much. Ideal for passing throughWe are convinced that you will not see one like it in the surrounding area. Shall we bet something?
In short, if you live in Barcelona and you have observed cheapest flights to TenerifeWe can get one of these tickets to enjoy all that the island has to offer for the summer. While it stays warm all year round, in these months there are more things to do, water parks to visit and places to be enjoying the day.
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