Cirqloo, a doughnut filled with a stew

Cirqloo, a doughnut filled with a stew

The humble doughnut has undergone a surprising gastronomic metamorphosis in recent times. From its origins as a simple pastry doughnut, this sweet has transcended conventional limits to enter unexplored terrain of haute cuisine and culinary innovation. And just when it seemed that everything possible in this format had already been explored, a new surprise appears: the cirqloo, a Catalan ingenuity that defies all expectations.

Discovering Cirqloo in Cirqloo del Eixample

At the Cirqloo store in Eixample, located at Aribau, 156, the cirqloos rest on the counter like authentic pieces of culinary art. At first glance, they could be mistaken for traditional doughnuts, but these cirqloos are something more: they are artisanal doughnuts with an unexpected gastronomic twist inside. The fillings of these delicacies could easily compete on the menu of any renowned restaurant, with options ranging from oxtail to Iberian pork cheek, Palamós shrimp, Duroc pork belly and squid in its ink.

You should know that cirqloos are much more than just doughnuts; they are authentic culinary masterpieces that hide high quality dishes inside. Each piece is made daily from scratch, using fresh and local ingredients. In addition, the donut dough undergoes a double fermentation to achieve its perfect texture, while the fillings are carefully prepared in the house bakery, guaranteeing optimal baking.

In this order of ideas, it is important for you to know that each cirqloo is accompanied by a sauce specially selected to enhance its flavor, thus providing a complete and satisfying gastronomic experience.

A unique gastronomic experience

Keep in mind that when tasting the squid cirqloo, the oxtail cirqloo or the cheeks cirqloo, one is faced with a daring and risky invention, but surprisingly delicious and well executed. Dipped in the accompanying homemade sauce, this gastronomic donut transports the palate to a world of intriguing flavors, somewhere between street food, pastries and traditional cuisine. All that remains is for more people to dare to enter this circle of unique flavors and unforgettable culinary experiences.

In short, what you need to know about the cirqloo is that it is much more than a simple donut; it is a sample of gastronomic creativity taken to the next level. With its unique combination of flavors and textures, this innovative snack promises to conquer the hearts and palates of those who dare to try it. When will you try it?