Enriquetto: a restaurant for classic pasta lovers

Enriquetto: a restaurant for classic pasta lovers
Image courtesy of Mané Espinosa (lavanguardia.com), all rights reserved.

Enriquetto is the new trattoria in Barcelona that celebrates classic Italian pastas. Located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood, this restaurant is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Kim Díaz, Enric Rebordosa and Miquel Puchol. Enriquetto is located in the same place formerly occupied by Albert Cambra’s restaurant Pervers, known for its bold and tasty cuisine, and even before that, El Bodeguín, famous among students in the area.

Enriquetto: a tribute to Enric Rebordosa

The name Enriquetto is a tribute to Enric Rebordosa, one of the founding partners. Kim Díaz and Miquel Puchol decided to name the restaurant after their friend and business partner. Enriquetto is a declaration of love for Italian cuisine, offering simple and delicious dishes in a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere. The objective is to create a place where diners feel comfortable without the bill being excessive.

Enric Rebordosa has personally decorated the restaurant, using beautiful porcelain dishes from Limoges and La Cartuja for the dishes. The attention to detail and the taste for aesthetics are reflected in every corner of the premises. The trattoria has a terrace in a small square next to the restaurant, which promises to be an essential meeting point in the neighborhood. In addition, the partners have opened a small bar across the street, the Monterolas, which perfectly complements Enriquetto.

The menu and the menu

Enriquetto’s menu features some of the members’ favorite pasta classics. The Chilean chef, of Italian descent, together with his sous chef, Bolognese Joelle, have designed a short but delicious menu. Starters include mortadella with Parmesan, burrata with pesto and tomato, carpaccio inspired by the famous Harry’s Bar, and a salad of candied artichokes. Although they do not currently make the pasta by hand, they hope to do so in the future.

The restaurant offers pasta dishes such as ravioli with burrata and red pesto sauce, fettuccine Alfredo that the head waiter mixes in front of the diner, and pappardelle with ragu. Customer service is exceptional, thanks to a team of professionals over 50 years of age, specially selected to vindicate the experience and trajectory of these workers. This initiative, already successfully implemented at Bar Mut, allows us to offer a warm and professional service.

Italian cuisine in Barcelona

Enriquetto joins the Italian haute cuisine offer in Barcelona, competing with other renowned restaurants such as Xemei, Rafaelli, Bacaro, and La Cucine Mandarosso. The trattoria seeks to stand out for its focus on classic pasta and its cozy atmosphere, without neglecting quality and authenticity in each dish.

If you want to delight yourself with the best classic pasta just go to Hercegovina street, 24, in the neighborhood of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona.