The best xuixo of Catalonia is in Poblenou

The best xuixo of Catalonia is in Poblenou
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The xuixo is one of the typical sweets of Catalonia that melts with its thin cylindrical-shaped dough filled with cream, fried and sweetened on the outside. The best in the world is sold at Pastisseria Triomf, located in the Poblenou neighborhood. This pastry shop has won the Concurs Mundial del Xuixo 2024.

xuixo excellence award

It is worth mentioning that this establishment, located at number 41 Rambla del Poblenou, has been chosen “for the excellence of its product”. The jury unanimously determined that their xuixos have the perfect proportion of cream and oil, which prevents them from being oily and also gives them a pleasant texture in the mouth. It is important to mention that the local winner takes over from the Juhé pastry shop in l’Escala, which won the award in the previous contest. On that occasion, the jury highlighted not only the quality of its cream, but also the perfection of the fried food, which generated a magnificent flavor and presented a beautiful appearance.

History of the typical sweet of Catalonia

This dessert had its origins in Girona during the 1920s, when a skilled French pastry chef shared his knowledge with Emili Puig, a local pastry chef, teaching him how to make a delicious cake known as chou à la crème.

This inspiration gave life to the xuixo gerundense. Over the course of the 20th century, this sweet became increasingly popular in Catalonia, even reaching some pastry shops in other parts of Spain. Although the original recipe includes a delicious cream inside, there are also variations such as xuixos filled with chocolate or dulce de leche, although these versions are less accepted by purists.

The specialized gastronomy media, Hule y Mantel, had the opportunity to talk to Gisela Bellart, who represents the third generation of pastry chefs in the pastry shop in the Poblenou neighborhood. She shared the secrets behind her renowned xuixo de crema pastelera. According to Bellart, the freshness of the ingredients and the precision in the frying process are key elements to achieve a quality xuixo. He also emphasizes that the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, always maintaining a standard of quality and dedication in the preparation of each piece.

In addition to its award-winning xuixos, Pastisseria Triomf stands out as an important point of reference in the local community, offering a wide variety of traditional pastry products. Its recent victory in the Concurs Mundial del Xuixo has reaffirmed Poblenou’s position as a must-visit destination for lovers of Catalan pastries. The xuixos of Pastisseria Triomf are a perfect amalgam of tradition and excellence, making them a true culinary treasure of Catalonia.

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