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Park Güell free tour

Park Güell is an iconic and impressive park located on a hillside in Barcelona, Spain. It is named after its designer, architect Antoni Gaudi, and features unique and breathtakingly beautiful architecture, amazingly lush vegetation and several picnic areas. Park Güell is one of Gaudí’s many works of art, and famous for its rich variety of colors and hues along its paths, stairways, bridges, fountains and picnic areas, which create a fairytale setting for visitors to admire. Whether you want to take a leisurely evening stroll or admire the rich variety of elements throughout the park, Park Güell is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Barcelona.

El Borne free tour

El Borne is a unique and historic neighborhood of Barcelona, known for its charm and culture. The area is nestled between the Smart Kluth sector and the Mediterranean coast, and includes several important sites such as the Santa Maria del Mar church and the Museu de la Terra de Barcelona. El Borne is also home to several traditional markets and restaurants that have been in operation for generations, giving it a strong sense of community. The area is known for its architecture, with winding narrow streets and baroque buildings that create a sense of old-world grandeur, as well as its many boutiques and street vendors selling clothing, jewelry and other handcrafted goods. El Borne is a great place to experience the best of what Barcelona has to offer and is an undiscovered treasure waiting to be discovered.

El Raval free tour

El Raval is a prominent neighborhood in the city of Barcelona. It is known for its rich tapestry of history and culture, from its traditional flamenco music and Gaudi architecture, to its bustling markets and hidden alleyways. The Raval is also home to several museums, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the CaixaForum, which bring the arts to this historically working-class neighborhood. The area’s harmonious blend of old and new provides an exciting glimpse into the city’s dynamic cultural identity. In addition, the Raval has recently attracted attention for its thriving nightlife, with an abundance of bars and restaurants located along the famous La Rambla boulevard. The Raval proves once again that it is a cradle of creativity and diversity, making it a must-see destination in Barcelona.

Montjuïc free tour

Montjuïc is a hill located in Barcelona that offers a myriad of incredible views and attractions. Montjuïc is known for hosting the 1992 Olympic Games, but it is also home to great UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Castell de Montjuïc and the Parc de Montjuïc. Montjuïc is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the history, culture and architecture found on this enchanting hill. Montjuïc offers many hidden gems that will make your visit memorable and leave you wanting to return again and again. Montjuïc is definitely an attraction not to be missed when visiting Barcelona.


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