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Nace una cría de Gacela Dama Mohor en el Zoo de Barcelona
A Dama Mohor Gazelle calf is born at Barcelona Zoo

In the continuous effort to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species, the Barcelona Zoo has witnessed an extraordinary event: the birth of a baby Dama Mohor Gazelle. This is cause for great…

Droguerías Rossmann hace presencia en Barcelona
Droguerías Rossmann is present in Barcelona

Barcelona has enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of one of Europe’s largest drugstore chains, Rossmann, which has opened its first store in Barcelona, also becoming the largest in Spain to date. Strategically located…

Vuela sobre un dragón en el Museo Digital de la Casa Amatller
Fly over a dragon at Casa Amatller Digital Museum

Modernisme is much more than an architectural style; it is a fascinating journey through time that takes us back to early 20th century Barcelona, a time of unprecedented innovation, creativity and cultural…

Se incrementaron los delitos en Barcelona un 8,6% durante 2023
Crime in Barcelona increased by 8.6% in 2023

Crime in Barcelona has experienced an increase of 8.6% in 2023, according to data provided by the Barcelona City Council and the Department of the Interior of the Generalitat de Catalunya, reaching…

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5 extraordinarios buffets libres de Barcelona
5 extraordinary free buffets in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that captivates with its architecture, culture and, of course, its delicious gastronomic offer. And if you are a lover of free buffets and are looking for unforgettable culinary…

Âme, un restaurante mediterráneo con inspiración francesa
Âme, a Mediterranean restaurant with French inspiration

The name Âme, which means soul in French, was consciously chosen by Lebanese culinary entrepreneurs Joey Attieh and Bolivian-born, Venezuelan-raised Pachi Rodriguez for their new restaurant in Barcelona. Although the circumflex accent…

The 5 trendy restaurants in L’Eixample

L’Eixample, one of Barcelona’s most bustling neighborhoods, is home to a great diversity of restaurants ranging from local culinary gems to more discreet places. If you are looking for the next option…

Paradiso- cocteles creativos y bocadillos
Paradiso: creative cocktails and snacks

Since its opening in the Born, behind the discreet facade of the Pastrami Bar, Paradiso has evolved considerably. What was initially an ‘underground’ creative cocktail venue, offering inventive drinks at affordable prices,…

La Pobla de Lillet
La Pobla de Lillet: a small town that enchanted Gaudí

Nestled in the serene beauty of the Catalan Pyrenees is La Pobla de Lillet, a small town that has won the hearts of those seeking the authenticity of the region. Located in…

The best Italian restaurants in Barcelona

Looking for an Italian culinary experience in Barcelona? To avoid disappointment, we present the five best Italian restaurants that embody the authentic essence of Italian cuisine in the Catalan city, so you…

Cocina tradicional- los 5 mejores restaurantes en BCN (1)
Traditional cuisine: the 5 best restaurants in BCN

Traditional Catalan cuisine stands as a true gastronomic treasure, fusing fresh ingredients and culinary techniques rooted in the region’s rich history. In Barcelona, this culinary tradition is manifested in a variety of…

Los 5 mejores restaurantes barceloneses para comer arroz
The 5 best restaurants in Barcelona to eat rice

Barcelona, known for its rich gastronomic offer, is home to a variety of restaurants that stand out for their exquisite rice dishes. From the emblematic paella to innovative creations, the city offers…

Esta heladería prepara helados para perros
This ice cream shop prepares ice cream for dogs

The Badiani ice cream parlor, located in the city of Barcelona, has taken a step forward in satisfying the needs of our beloved pets. We all know how easy it is for…

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Skyline Barcelona: Los edificios más altos

Barcelona is beautiful for many reasons. And yes, of course, among those reasons are its buildings, the oldest and the most modern ones too… Today, we want to make a tour of…

Parque Natural del Montseny en Cataluya

Montseny Natural Park

Welcome to the Montseny Natural Park in Catalonia, a stunning natural wonder that boasts stunning scenery, diverse wildlife and a rich cultural heritage. Nestled in the heart of the Cordillera Prelitoral Catalana,…

leyenda de la sardana

Legend of the Catalan Sardana dance

The dance of the Catalan sardana is a cultural symbol of Catalonia that has been passed down from generation to generation. This traditional dance, danced by men and women holding hands in…