Bar Rovira, for vermouth lovers

Bar Rovira, for vermouth loversBar Rovira is for lovers of vermouth, all visitors fall in love. This bar is located in the Clot neighborhood. Moreover, it has been an emblem in the capital of Catalonia since it opened in 1963. Located in the Sant Martí district, it has become an indispensable destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

It is also the best street for those who love going out for tapas in Barcelona, recognized as one of the best in the world. Over the years, this bar has kept its vermouth tradition alive. It is a century-old bar that has witnessed countless changes in the city, but has maintained its essence. Currently, the Rovira family is in its fourth generation, and they continue to run the business. This assures every visitor that they will be treated with the warmth of hospitality and will find that traditional flavor.

Living essence

This bar is authentic, it keeps the essence of its authenticity alive as the best neighborhood bar. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly service make every visitor feel as if they were among lifelong friends. To visit it you must go to Clot street 41, the bar opens its doors from 8:00 to 23:00, Monday to Sunday. It also offers an exquisite culinary proposal at any time of the day you visit it.

It is a bar that represents one of the most precious jewels of this emblematic bar and you can visit it. Its price is accessible from only 2.40 euros, and best of all, it is a bar that transports its visitors to a time where taste and quality are a priority. Also, you can accompany homemade tapas, hence the vermouth has become a favorite place for many, as they manage to combine the best of tradition with a bit of modernity.

Diversity of tapas

The variety of tapas offered by the establishment is impressive, ranging from octopus bombs to tempting croquettes. In addition to the unparalleled tortilla de patatas, this sums up every bite in a tribute to Spanish cuisine as unique and certified.

Also for the lovers of casquería they will find a paradise in the Bar Rovira, where options like black pudding are included, to taste the most demanding palates. Bar Rovira is, without a doubt, the perfect destination for those who love to savor the essence of Spanish gastronomy.

It should be noted that the vermouth is accompanied by a selection of tapas that combine very well with the flavors of the vermouth. This ranges from classic stuffed olives to delicious Cantabrian anchovies, as well as patatas bravas.

Every bite combines a celebration of Spanish cuisine. On the other hand, on weekends the bar offers a variety of special dishes and snacks to delight the most demanding palates.

Live the best experience

At Bar Rovira you will enjoy a good vermouth, but also share in a pleasant atmosphere, as special events and tastings are held. Vermouth lovers are also invited to participate in guided tastings, workshops and themed pairings that explore various facets of vermouth. It is worth noting that the bar regularly organizes live music nights and local art exhibitions, creating a diverse and rich experience.

Pleased visitors

The testimonials of those who have visited Bar Rovira have been excellent, qualifying it as the establishment of charm. So, customers praise the friendly treatment of the staff, and of course, the undisputed quality of its popular vermouth. They also point out that the service offered by the waiters is designed to make visitors happy by providing them with a memorable experience.

As you can see, Bar Rovira is not only a bar, it also represents a place where vermouth lovers can unwind. Find a perfect blend of old and new. When you visit Bar Rovira, you will find a great way to try new flavors of vermouth. So, don’t wait any longer and stop by this emblematic bar every time you visit the city and enjoy a glass of their oral vermouth.