Pals, a medieval village ideal for a getaway

Pals, a medieval village ideal for a getawayKnowing that Pals is a medieval village ideal for a getaway, you will love it. This town is easily accessible, which makes it an attractive destination for those who want a different getaway away from the noise of the city. This village is located in the heart of the Baix Empordà, just 90 minutes from Barcelona.

Small medieval treasure

It is a village that represents a small medieval treasure that impresses all its visitors. A coastal town that combines history with natural beauty, which makes it charming. It also presents its gastronomic and cultural offerings, making it a perfect destination for a getaway that promises to take you to another era while providing comfort and the appeal of modernity.

Pals has preserved its medieval essence throughout the centuries. This allows you to stroll through the cobblestone streets and feel like you are taking a step backwards. Likewise, every corner reveals the history it holds. Visitors enjoy the architecture of the old town, with its Gothic arches and stone houses, which envelops you in an atmosphere of charm and mystery.

Arriving at the village you find the old town, this is a maze of narrow streets that converge in the majestic church of Sant Pere. The church is of Romanesque origin with Gothic elements, it also represents the landmarks that stand out in Pals. Around it, the Torre de los Hores is established, which represents a watchtower of the eleventh century with stunning panoramic views of the surroundings.

Idyllic landscapes

It is a town that is not only stone and history, you also find a beach a few minutes from the historic center. It has an extensive strip of golden sand and crystal clear waters. It is the perfect beach for swimming, water sports or just relaxing. In its natural environment, pine forests and dunes create a beautiful landscape that offers tranquility and enjoyment of the sea.

Being so close to other towns such as the Costa Brava, Calella de Palafrugell and Begur, it becomes an essential base for exploring the region and thus discovering hidden coves with impressive cliffs.

Traditions and gastronomy

Pals is a town that not only presents its architecture and landscape, but also shows its culture and gastronomy. Among them is the rice of Pals, which has been cultivated in the fields of the region since the 15th century. Rice is part of the star ingredient that is enjoyed in numerous typical dishes. The local restaurants offer paellas and rice dishes. It should be noted that it is prepared with an exquisite grain that has been recognized for its quality.

Variety of dishes

Local restaurants also offer a wide variety of Catalan cuisine, such as butifarra, calçots and escalivada. To get to Pals Barcelona is very easy. You must pass through the AP-7 highway and the C-31 road. And that’s it, you’ll be in this beautiful place in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Parties and events

In Pals different festivities are celebrated throughout the year, these festivities allow visitors to learn more about the local culture. In August, the Fiesta Mayor is one of the most important celebrations, with activities such as traditional dances, concerts, sports competitions and fireworks. In addition, it is worth mentioning the Spring Fair, where you can enjoy handcrafted and local products.

Recommendations for the visit

If you want to enjoy 100% of Pals, the ideal is that you dedicate a full day. Start by visiting the old town, then explore the craft stores and art galleries. Afterwards, enjoy traditional food in the restaurants located in the area. In the afternoon, be sure to visit the rice fields or you can go on a trip to the beach, this will complement the visit and will be an unforgettable experience.

A visit to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology located in the old school building will delight you, as it offers an exciting collection of objects recovered from shipwrecks of the Costa Brava and shows the maritime history of the region.

In Pals, you find that destination that captures the heart of its visitors. Thanks to its combination of history, rich gastronomy and natural beauty. This promises moments of tranquility and discovery. So, if you are looking for a charming destination, include Pals in your next trips.