Parking Sótano: for meat lovers

Parking Sótano: for meat lovers

A real meat bar. This is Parking Sótano (Passatge de Marimon, 5), the new restaurant that opens in Barcelona in the lower part of the third Parking Pizza. There you will be able to find a grilled entrecote of 500 grams for two people and several accompaniments, in the middle of a pleasant atmosphere.

The average price is 30 to 35 euros with side dishes and three desserts. It’s a foolproof dish that Parking Sótano uses to avoid overwhelming diners with endless menu options.

It is a direct and concise gastronomic offer. The restaurant shares premises with the third Parking Pizza to open in Barcelona: the first, on Londres street, and the second, on Passeig de Sant Joan in an adjoining room that houses Parking Pita.

Parking Sótano: with a clandestine feel

To access the restaurant you will feel like you are in a clandestine environment. You must go down the stairs in the middle of a dark decor with dim lighting. Then you will find communal tables without tablecloths with hollow stools where you can store jackets and bags so you can sit and watch live and direct how they grill the meat on the charcoal and wood grills.

A real “Steak bar”, where you will taste the most sublime simplicity in the same dish.

Parking Sótano has seen the light during the first months of 2021, as a new and varied proposal. The owners don’t forget about their mouth-watering gourmet pizzas upstairs, while downstairs there is an authentic steak house aroma.

One of its owners states that the restaurant was created as a mono-concept business, focused on eating good meat at a competitive price-quality ratio.

Simple but efficient menu

It is considered a winning strategy. It all starts when you go down the stairs and you begin to perceive the aroma of the red-hot coals as they slowly cook the 500-gram entrecôte. It is a delicacy of the gods that you can complement with various garnishes.

The chefs of the Parking Sótano are in charge of preparing the cut in front of your view. You will also be able to taste small delicacies such as leek, potato gratin and gruyère, spinach in cream.

Eat the eggs, green asparagus, potato and truffle parmentier, grilled carrots, fried potatoes and onions and French lettuce. You can accompany them with any of the four sauces: onion and chimichurri, béarnaise, café de Paris and blue cheese.

The dessert offer delights you with sticky toffee, or with something softer like chocolate truffles with cardamom, oil and salt or some sorbet.

If you’re a vegetarian, it’s best to stay away. Parking Sótano is the new meeting place for carnivores.