Fat Veggies: enjoy delicious grilled vegetables

Fat Veggies: enjoy delicious grilled vegetables

Flames and smoke is what surrounds the grilled vegetables prepared at Fat Veggies. The grill brings out the sparkle in the vegetables. There you can taste beets smoked for 36 hours (root, stems, leaves, homemade “labneh” cheese and cherry vinegar). It is a real delight.

Fermented and cured pickles. “Dumplings of grilled “calçots” seasoned with romesco sauce and “tentsuyu” sauce. A whole alternative of flavors, colors and novelties for vegans.

Grilled vegetables: a whole range of variety

The creator of the idea is Venezuelan chef Juan Martini, who started with meat dishes in his restaurant Fat Barbie. Now he has created a new proposal, but with vegetables, in Fat Veggies. Its objective is to please and satisfy both groups of diners.

Fat Veggies inherited the spirit of fire associated with meat, but which they now apply to preparing vegetables. All grilled with novelty and style. He began by erecting a good smoker with a surface of refractory bricks on which three bonfires burn.

The first grill is “La robata”, because it relates it to the Japanese grill, but from bricks. Something created from the basics. On top of the embers, a colander with delicate ingredients and next to it a pan on irons. The third one casts quieter tongues of flame excellent for a few loaves of bread. Everything can be changed and used at convenience according to the dish.

This trio of grills is lit with olive tree trunks stacked at the entrance. The secret is to keep the flame alive or quieter.

The average price of a dish at Fat Veggies is 15 to 20 euros, which does not include wine.

Everything goes through the eyes when it comes to grilled vegetables.

In Fat Veggies is also very important the presentation and to be able to awaken at first sight the taste of the diner. Combination of colors and textures make the dishes very appealing, pleasant to the palate and impressive at first sight.

They also prepare delicious drinks such as fermented grape juice, ginger ale, elderberry and mint kombucha and lemonade tea. A complete and innovative kitchen style.

Other delicacies

“Hummus” of white beans and smoked oil with black garlic and “nori” seaweed accompanied with buckwheat and flax cracker. A new proposal to the palate.

“The camel of vegetables”: corn croquette (a kind of grilled puree) and mojo picón emulsion. Eggplant with spicy paprika; pumpkin and mole verde; fermented potato flatbread and “zaatar” (spices) and other things.

All ingredients are combined in a balanced way to take you to another dimension and are selected according to the season.

Fat Veggies, Paris, 168. Barcelona