Choripa, restaurant for choripán lovers

Choripa, restaurant for choripán loversIt is Choripa, a restaurant for choripán lovers. This curious restaurant was opened by a former employee of Dabiz Muñoz’s GoXo opened a curious restaurant in Barcelona, as a unique concept. Thus was born Choripa, the business is named in homage to the choripán, a South American chorizo sandwich.

Choripa is a place that has captured the palates and hearts of food lovers. This restaurant offers an unforgettable culinary experience and has become the preferred place to enjoy an authentic Argentinean choripán. It also has a focus on quality and tradition. It is a must-visit destination for street food aficionados.

History of Choripa

This small restaurant opened by Lucía Aguilar located in Travessera de Gràcia 202B. A place where diners will taste the authentic chorizo criollo, elaborated and thought in detail to be an explosion to the palate. When Choripa started, the idea was to create a place where people could enjoy the best choripán, made with high quality and fresh ingredients, in an authentic and cozy atmosphere.

Since it opened Choripa has maintained its commitment to excellence, gaining popularity as the best place to enjoy an iconic dish.

Affordable price

Taste the bread of the sandwich, with enough molla to feel the flavor of the meat, in addition to its delicious sauces of chimichurri criolla with chipotle chiles and havaner lactofermentat. This snack has a cost of 8.50 euros, affordable for all visitors. In this way, the restaurant attracts more diners looking to eat without luxuries.

This is how Lucía Aguilar has embarked on her business together with great chefs such as Ricardo Mateo and Pablo Lagrange.

The Choripa Menu

This menu pays homage to flavor and simplicity. Thus, the protagonist is the choripán, which is prepared with handmade sausage, a variety of toppings and crusty bread that take the gastronomic experience to another level. Each choripán is enjoyed as a work of art, carefully assembled to provide an explosion of flavors in each bite.

Among the varieties of choripán you can find:

  • Argentine classic: it is a traditional chorizo with creole sauce and chimichurri, served with fresh and crusty bread.
  • Gourmet: this is a sophisticated version with Iberian pork sausage, brie cheese, fresh arugula and onion marmalade.
  • Vegetarian: this is the option for those who do not include meat in their dishes, so it includes avocado, soy chorizo and roasted vegetable mix.
  • Spicy: it is perfect for spicy lovers, with jalapeños, smoked chorizo and the house special hot sauce.

Accompaniments and beverages

For those who love choripán, the Choripa restaurant offers a selection of side dishes with fresh salads, homemade french fries and empanadas. These drinks are carefully prepared, as a careful selection of craft beers, natural soft drinks and Argentine wines is made.

Happy customers

Customers who visit Choripa are quick to praise the quality of the food and the friendly service. Among the testimonials, one hears: “The best choripán I have ever tasted outside of Argentina. The flavors are authentic and the atmosphere is fantastic”. Maria, L. Another customer like Carlos, R, says: “A hidden gem. Every visit is a celebration of flavor and tradition.” In the case of Lucía M, she says: “The gourmet choripán is simply spectacular. It is worth every bite.

So, customers are satisfied with Choripa, which means that the restaurant demonstrates with its treatment and commitment that visitors are satisfied with the choice to visit them.

Tips for a better experience at Choripa

To enjoy a better experience at Choripa, the following recommendations are ideal:

  • As Choripa is a popular restaurant, it is recommended that you reserve your place in advance to avoid long waits.
  • Explore the menu carefully, so you can take advantage of all the varieties and versions of choripán, such as spicy and gourmet. This way you can discover new combinations and flavors.
  • Don’t miss the side dishes, enjoy delicious rich salads, homemade french fries, fresh salads and empanadas are very good complements to the choripán. Do not hesitate to ask for accompaniments to enjoy and share a complete experience.