Bodega Bartolí, an old-fashioned bar in Vallespir street.

Bartolí Winery
Image courtesy of Pau Venteo (, all rights reserved.

In the picturesque neighborhood of Sants in Barcelona, Bodega Bartolí stands as a bastion of gastronomic tradition since its founding in 1934 by Josep Bartolí Balcells. Vicenç, his grandson, evokes with nostalgia those times of yesteryear while pointing out how Vallespir street, where the establishment is located, has changed over the years. Although it was once bustling with workshops and activity, now the aroma of coffee and cheap tobacco still lingers in this corner of Sants, where loyal customers continue to flock.

Albert and Vicenç, brothers who maintain the family tradition, together with their wives Kati and Pili, have turned the management of the business into a family affair. With the wisdom of Marina, the 85-year-old matriarch, they run this small boat that fills its fifteen tables from Monday to Saturday, always taking turns and always with a deep-rooted family spirit. At Bodega Bartolí, the motto is clear: everything is kept within the family. And, as Vicenç points out, they prefer to close at night so as not to become “the richest in the cemetery”.

Tables with history in Bodega Bartolí

The walls of the winery are adorned with relics of a glorious past: strings of garlic, photographs of celebrities such as Serrat and Manolo García, and chairs that have welcomed thousands of visitors over the years. It is a haven of authenticity in the midst of an era of gastronomic globalization, where quality and tradition are the hallmark.

For those who wake up with an appetite, the Bartolí offers a potato omelette sandwich with a touch of anchovy that balances the sweetness of the onion, a delicacy that delights the most demanding palates. The menu features a selection of appellation of origin wines and also offers new wines and bulk vermouth, a journey to the origins in an ever-changing world.

Traditional delicacies

The menu, priced at 16.50 euros, is a feast for lovers of traditional cuisine. From stewed lentils to Russian salad, to magnificent stews such as fricandó or codillo a la cazuela, there is something for everyone. Fish dishes, such as cod with sanfaina or pickled sardines, delight diners with authentic and comforting flavors. And for the more adventurous, seasonal dishes, such as the revoltillo de trompetas de la muerte with black sausage, offer a unique culinary experience.

Eating at Bartolí is more than just a gastronomic experience; it is an immersion in the life of the Sants neighborhood. Every table tells a story, and every dish is steeped in tradition and passion for good food. As Vicenç says, here you become a member of the neighborhood, an honor reserved for those who cross the gates of Vallespir street and dive into the heart of Sants.

Visit Bodega Bartolí at Carrer del Vallespir, 41, Sants-Montjuïc, 08014.