Six of the best creperies in Barcelona

Six of the best creperies in Barcelona

They really are the envy of the French. The creperies of Barcelona are a world of delicious innovation every day thanks to the mixture of flavors and ingredients. If you are in the plan to discover new delicacies for your palate, creperies are really the best option.

Know the 6 best creperies in Barcelona

Crepes Barcelona

It is a chain of restaurants. In fact, there are five locations and one Take Away throughout the city. In any of its locations you will find delicious crepes, galettes, appetizers or salads and the most delicious cocktails. All elaborated in an artisan way.

Krampus -Restaurant de crepes d’Autor Barri de Sant Gervasi

Krampus is synonymous with happiness and good taste. The menu that Krampus offers ranges from the most traditional crepes to the most varied and diverse ones that you won’t know what to choose. You will find some with cheese, others with meat, eggs, gourmet, vegetarian, among many others. And to finish you can order a sweet crepe for dessert.

The pancake batter is made from gluten-free buckwheat. But if you don’t want any of the menu, you can put together one of your own with the ingredients of your choice.

Crep Nova

Another of the best creperies in Barcelona is Crep Nova. It is catalogued as a true classic of the city. Although it does not have a menu as varied as the other restaurants, its crepes are well worth trying, especially the Nutella crepes. While it may be costly for some, treating yourself once in a while is well worth it.

Les 3 Pommes

There is no denying that delicious crepes can be prepared all over the world. But we must recognize its true origin, which is in France, in the area of Brittany and Normandy.

But you don’t have to travel a thousand miles to try them out. The most practical is to go to Les 3 Pommes in the scourge of the English Channel at 150 Carrer d’Aragó, in Eixample. In addition to gluten-free crepes, this restaurant offers cheese, pâtés and drinks to complement them.


This gourmet site specializing in bakery, pastry, is also a creperie and tea room. It has a very differentiating element of which they are very proud: the Michelin-starred French chef Romain Fornell. You can imagine that the dish is not cheap at all, but it is really worth it to taste a crepe with a Michelin star flavor. If the wallet is not your problem, book immediately.

Le P’ty Mon

In this creperie you can taste the traditional crepes of Brittany. Le P’ty Mon is a temple of crepes, the real and traditional ones. You can accompany them with a good cider that will make your palate combine sensational flavors.