Three restaurants where you can eat gourmet argentine empanadas

Three restaurants where you can eat gourmet argentine empanadas

Do you feel like eating the best gourmet Argentinean empanadas in Barcelona? These delicacies are really an Argentine “boom” thanks to the creativity in the use of imaginative fillings combined with delicacy and gourmet delicacy.

The Argentinean empanada has become one of the most appreciated snacks in Barcelona. They have gained many followers since Catalonia tops the list with the largest number of Argentines in Spain (about 20,000).

Every cuisine in the world has a version of empanada. This delicacy is something of a “universal culinary paradigm“. However, the Argentinean has that indescribable touch that you won’t be able to eat just one, you will want another and another.

So if you’ve got a craving, don’t worry, there are good places in Barcelona with delicious gourmet Argentinean empanadas to lick your fingers. Here are some of them.

Three restaurants to eat gourmet Argentinean empanadas

1. Poblenou Muns

Although at Las Muns you will not taste the traditional Argentinean empanada, you will be able to savor the best quality and creativity. The site opened in 2011 and was founded by an Argentinean chef from Tucumán, the homeland of the good empanada. It combines handmade dough with imaginative fillings cooked over low heat.

They offer some fifteen specialties ranging from the popular soft cut beef patty to innovations such as Thai chicken patty with spicy verdi curry sauce, coconut milk and ginger. You can also try the well-known tomato and basil, or smoked tofu and quinoa. Each empanada weighs about 100 grams, so if you eat about three, you will be very satisfied.

They are successful, in fact they have opened 9 stores in Barcelona in addition to the original location in Poblenou: in Casanova 189, Rector Voltà 1 and Europa, 26, Illa Diagonal, Verdi, 29, Diagonal 89, Via Augusta 149.

2. Rekons Urgell

It went from being an old delicatessen to a very busy place where you can find salads, empanadas, beers, wines or Argentinean sweets. Although it maintains its old aesthetics, it is a very homely establishment. You will also find desserts such as “dulce de leche”, the famous meat empanada, spicy chorizo de León or chicken with cherries. Located in Poble Sec, in Blai 48.

3. The Laurel

You can enjoy a wide variety of empanadas with different flavors: eggplant with honey and ginger or pumpkin and curry. Surely you won’t be satisfied with just one, so it’s best to take advantage of the nightly offer of three empanadas with salad and drink.

El Laurel is an Argentinean fast food restaurant well known among moviegoers in Floridablanca.

With these options there is no better alternative than eating gourmet Argentine empanadas.