Do you like pilates and cats? Combine both passions at Catshop by Adira

Do you like Pilates and cats? Combine both passions at Catshop by Adira.

If you like pilates and cats, Catshop by Adira in Barcelona can give you pleasure. The “Catpilates” is a new modality that allows you to practice this system of physical and mental training and at the same time share a mat with 13 beautiful kittens.

This innovative technique has been practiced in Barcelona for three years at the Catshop by ADiRA located at Consell de Cent, 589. Catshop is a shelter-shop where 13 rescued ex-stray cats live waiting to be adopted.

Pilates and cats: its main benefits

The benefits are many. First hand the benefits of Pilates such as mobilizing muscles that you don’t use often, improving balance, posture, and reducing back pain. To then improve your mood by sharing with kittens that will make you feel happy, smile and de-stress.

In fact, most female students consider everything in Catshop to be “gatumized”. They are truly “cat ladies” who are convinced of the advantages of sharing and interacting with felines. Such is their conviction that some wear cat tattoos or prints on their clothes.

How are Pilates and cats integrated in the classroom?

When you enter the Catshop you must go through two gates to prevent kittens from escaping. Then they give you a mat so you can start the exercise session. The teacher’s first instruction is to “do the cat” in which the students imitate the cat in a four-legged position on the mat.

Don’t be surprised if while you’re exercising a kitten climbs and jumps on a shelf, while others meow or purr. Others jump into the void, while some look at you or sniff you.

Most likely one of the Pilates stretching exercises is to reach out to caress them.

You will be able to practice many postures but the challenge is to concentrate in the midst of the playful kittens that may cross between your legs, climb on your back, stare at you or just run around the place.

Other events and activities at Catshop

Talks on Bach flowers and feline behavior are also scheduled at the store. There are cheese tastings amidst meows, sweets contests and even a beer festival accompanied by the beautiful felines. All of these events are scheduled to raise resources to support the kittens.

Integrating pilates and cats is an unparalleled experience and you can join if you wish to help this social cause through the online platform “Teaming” that collects micro-donations of 1 € per month.

At Catshop they also do mindfulness (relaxation technique to become aware of your emotions), reiki and other activities accompanied by these abandoned felines.