Abaixadors10, a discotheque with a cultural project

Abaixadors10, a discotheque with a cultural project

Abaixadors10 is the new multiforme space next to Santa Maria del Mar, in the Born. The site reflects the modern trend of Barcelona by integrating a cocktail bar with a dance club as a cultural project and the Primavera Sound radio studio.

When you visit, you will be enchanted by the festival of neon lights with a modern and luminous touch. Surrounded by flickering fluorescent tubes in an arched lounge, velvet sofas and mirrors will make you feel in another environment.

The Abaixadors10

Also called ABX10 is a project of the cultural events agency Lateral Thinking and Primavera Sound. It is a fusion of fun and culture including the new online radio Primavera Sound Radio.

The site seeks to be an open space for emerging and established artists, offering visitors a diverse musical and cultural agenda.

And what to say about the variety of cocktails offered with the seal of success through an alliance with the Confectionery Group.

During the week the Abaixadors10 takes on different roles. For example, from Thursday to Saturday it is a nightclub. On Wednesdays it is an exclusive cultural venue and every day it is a radio studio open to the public. The space is so dynamic and functional that it can also be adapted for musical presentations, reading rooms, art auctions, exhibitions, among other events.

ABX10 is a new proposal with all the potential. His presentations have already included artists such as Yung Beef and Amaia, Princess Nokia, Rocío Quillahuamán, among others. The presentation of outstanding artists and talks with representatives of the fashion world are planned.

The Pussy picnic

One of the central spectacles is the combination of music, verses and flowers performed by the Pussy picnic. These beautiful chichas in tight-fitting tights demonstrate their contemporary dance skills while handing out flowers to the audience.

At the end of the dance show in the middle of the music they end up completely naked among flower petals and leaves. They are art, they are beauty.

The presentation takes place in the black room, a space with black walls and a red curtain that besides being a dance floor and stage, is also the Radio studio.

Another feature of the Abaixadors10 is that there are no mirrors in the WC.

Everything indicates that artist collectives were in charge of the lighting and furniture to give way to prints and silkscreen printing in many corners of the site, even in the bathrooms. Even the waiters’ clothes are samples of art.

The Abaixadors10 is located at Carrer dels Abaixadors, 10, 08003 Barcelona and is really an excellent alternative that you can discover and enjoy. Of course if you like art, dance, strong flavors and music.