VICIO Barcelona the first physical and hybrid restaurant

VICIO the first physical and hybrid restaurant in Barcelona

The Catalan startup VICIO is still booming. Thanks to its good acceptance among diners for specializing in home deliveries through the Glovo platform during the pandemic, it is now opening the first physical and hybrid restaurant in Barcelona.

VICIO opened its physical location in early July 2021 at Via Augusta 21 offering home delivery options through Glovo;

take away to pick up your order on site or to go to the store to consume there. For this reason it is called a hybrid.

In Glovo’s history, VICIO is one of the fastest growing virtual restaurants.

It increased orders by more than 400% in just a few months thanks to its business model.

In its eight months of life, it already has 30 employees with expertise in marketing, operations and expansion. The work team and the home-based activity have made it successful.

Although it already offers the possibility of consumption in the physical store, its main strategy will continue to be the home. In fact, the restaurant team’s goal for the remainder of this year is to double its growth by delivering more than 800 orders per day.

It also plans to enter the market in Madrid and the Costa Brava (Girona) in the coming months, and in the not too distant future, to expand internationally.

A physical and hybrid restaurant in Barcelona with technology

VICIO focuses its business strategy on home delivery and digitalization. This scheme drives new business even in the midst of the pandemic.

If you go to the new physical location in Barcelona, you will be able to live a whole experience in the process of ordering for on-site consumption. The technology will adapt to your needs and not you to it. That’s why they use it to anticipate consumer behavior.

The aim of the restaurant’s creators is to ensure that, for example, when you order a hamburger you can live an exclusive and very unique experience in the restaurant.

New technologies together with your delivery strategy will undoubtedly help you to continue to drive new business and attract more satisfied customers.

Continuous innovation

It is undeniable that the quality of the product offered, together with its authenticity, has allowed the restaurant to grow.

It also has exclusive packaging for its products. All this, together with innovative communication campaigns, has enabled the startup to achieve such an increase in sales.

Being the first physical and hybrid restaurant in Barcelona of this venture, makes VICIO an excellent dining option.

Let yourself be guided by your tastes and needs so that either at home or directly at the restaurant, you can enjoy delicious dishes.