Do you like art? Meet the new Moco Museum in Barcelona

Moco Museum of Barcelona

The new Museum of Contemporary Art, known by the acronym “Moco”, has arrived in Barcelona. The Moco Museum in Barcelona opened its doors as an offshoot of the Amsterdam art center opened in 2016.

The renowned museum is located on Montcada Street in the Born neighborhood, next to the art galleries located there, such as the Picasso Museum and the Ethnological and World Cultures Museum.

The museum seeks to bring art lovers closer to the works of today’s most representative artists.

In fact, they affirm that Moco’s contemporary artists manage to impact the surroundings, society, politics, culture and environment of those cities where they are present.

The Moco Museum of Barcelona

It is an inclusive museum thanks to the fact that approximately 20% of the works exhibited in Barcelona belong to the museum itself. The others are loans from private owners or art galleries.

The venue presents the most outstanding artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Thanks to the presentation of this artistic heritage, it is possible to present exhibitions to the public that enlighten, inspire and strengthen the community.

Among the newest exhibits is the selection of the Non Fungible Tockens, NFT. It is an artistic phenomenon that the Moco Museum of Barcelona wanted to show through the works of pioneering digital artists in the art world.

They are unique and rare works that manage to integrate and express the future of digital art.

Moco is synonymous with modern and different art.

Where is the Moco Museum in Barcelona