TOP 3 of the most important streets in Barcelona

montcada streetTalking about important streets is not an easy task. And the first thing that comes to mind is, “ok, but why is it important, for what or for whom?

Assuming that this is a very subjective definition, let’s talk about history. In other words, of the most important streets of Barcelona according to its history.

The most curious thing about this TOP 5 that we have elaborated is that following this premise, some of the most famous and popular streets that come to mind when we think of Barcelona are left out of this list. Here you will not find the beautiful and mythical Passeig de Gràcia, not even the world famous Rambla.

But let’s get down to business!

Top 3 of the most important streets in Barcelona

Montcada Street

It was once one of the most important streets in Barcelona (if not the most important).

This street was conceived as a bourgeois area. So much so that its name honors a bourgeois family that settled there.
After the Montcadas, many other families decided to create their own palace in the coolest street of the time in Barcelona… Traces of this past are the Palau Berenguer de Aguilar, the Palau Meca, the Palau Finestres or the Palau Baríoo de Castellet.

If you look at the beginning and end of the street, there are two widenings. They are neither fortuitous nor improvised, they were made so that the processions could pass through this street. Why? Well, because it was basically the street “of the rich” or more wealthy of the city. So, if the rich don’t go to the procession, we bring it to their doorstep.

But there are more reasons, Montcada street is the core of civil architecture.

Calle de la Princesa

We go to Ciutat Vella, which is just where the second street of our ranking is located.

This mythical street of the city arose as a result of a project that the City Council of Barcelona back in 1820.
The objective of this project was to open a long street, which would allow connections between the main arteries of that still walled Barcelona.

Some houses had to be demolished to complete this street… All justified by these connections and other reasons related to hygiene and also military, as it would allow the movement of troops to Ciutadella.

Paral-lel Avenue

The enormous importance of this avenue lies in its condition as a metropolitan artery of international cultural echoes.

We could say that it is the Barcelona equivalent of the Parisian Montmartre.