There will be a street dedicated to Montserrat Caballé in Barcelona

montserrat caballéMontserrat Caballé has been, without a doubt, one of the great artists born in Barcelona. It will surprise no one that the city plans to name one of its streets after the soprano posthumously in her honor. So, soon, we will be able to walk down a street dedicated to Montserrat Caballé.

And if there are other corners of the world that already have a street in tribute to the singer, how can it not be in her own city, the one where she was born and where she lived.

Soon there will be a street dedicated to Monteserrat Caballé in Barcelona

But above we say that soon we will be able to walk…. However, to name a street after a person who has passed away, it is necessary to wait 5 years. So?
Then we are faced with a particular case that requires an extraordinary process… and this will be done.

There is a way in which it is possible to avoid that long 5-year wait: if the character is awarded the Gold Medal of the city, then the process for the naming of the street does not require waiting…

And yes, you guessed it! The GREAT Monteserrat Caballé, that woman with the imposing and unrepeatable voice that shook the world with her magic from the greatest stages around the world, will be recognized by her city twice. The proceedings to award him the Gold Medal of the city have already begun. And, immediately afterwards, a street in Barcelona will be named after him.

Here is the video of Barcelona 92, where Montserrat Caballé, together with Freddy Mercury, made the whole world shudder: