Top 3 of the best healthy restaurants in Barcelona

healthy restaurants in barcelonaEating healthy is not just a trend, it is a real need that, after years of making fast food a must, we must attend to. And in this world in which we live, where there is a need, there are offers to satisfy the demand. This is where we want to get to… Regardless of the small differences between eating healthy and eating healthy, which there are, but they are not relevant, we want to give you options so you can continue with your lifestyle in Barcelona. Here we go!

Top 3 of the best healthys restaurants in Barcelona

Wok and Bao

In carrer de L’Argenteria, 6.

If you are a lover of the different, this option will fascinate you. We are crazy about the baos…

These Chinese dumplings that can be enjoyed with various flavors and that have become one of the best alternatives as far as street food is concerned, in this place they are delicious.

Xavier Pellicer Restaurant

In carrer de Provença, 310.

In this place, even if you don’t like them, you will leave loving vegetables. Not because we say so, of course we say so, but because it has been confirmed by We’re Smart Think Vegetables! Think Fruit!, which has awarded it the distinction of, no less, the best vegetable restaurant in the world.

This is more than enough reason to be on this list and for you to try it if you are very healthy and you are in Barcelona.


In Palau, 5.

An alternative for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

In this restaurant with a slow food philosophy, it is not only about eating, but also about enjoying and doing it with knowledge and awareness.

The truth is that the entire menu is a delight, but if you are hesitating, go for the pasta, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.