First plastic-free supermarket in Barcelona

yes future, plastic-free supermarketThe need for measures that allow us to move towards more responsible consumption is clear. There is still a long way to go in this regard, but the truth is that many people and companies are already aware of the fact that they have embarked on the road to sustainability. A good example of this is the first plastic-free supermarket in Barcelona.

Yes, there is a supermarket free of harmful plastics in our city!

The problem posed by plastic to the environment is very serious. The drama of the situation is so dramatic that specialists assure that by 2050, there will be more plastics than fish in the sea.

And the truth is that the only way to tackle this problem is collective awareness and activism. Set an example and make people see that their small contribution is important to make a big change. Rejecting or at least reducing plastic consumption as much as possible is a big step.

Yes Future, Barcelona’s first plastic-free supermarket

A business that aims to provide a responsible alternative to consumers. A solution to a big problem.

If you didn’t know it yet or hadn’t noticed it, very close to the Sant Antoni stop, specifically at Viladomat street, 66, is located the first plastic-free supermarket in Barcelona, Yes Future.

What makes this supermarket different is its design, totally unusual and very modern and, above all, the fact that here you are the one who carries the container because the products are sold in bulk.
If you forget your container or you’re passing by and want to buy before you get home, don’t worry, here they have containers available; of course, no plastic, they are all made of cardboard or with ecological certifications.

Sounds good, but what can I buy there, I’m sure you’re wondering?
Well, almost everything except meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.
If we have to highlight some products, cleaning products that are always environmentally friendly, its honeys, legumes, spices and nuts, for example. But this is just a small sample, Yes Future has more than 300 organic products.

Did you know about this plastic-free supermarket?