4 restaurants for celiacs in Barcelona

gluten free restaurants in barcelonaFortunately, it is becoming easier and easier to find all kinds of places and restaurants that adapt to pathologies such as celiac disease or food preferences such as vegetarianism or veganism. But, let’s talk about gluten; or rather gluten free restaurants. Because yes, friends, in Barcelona you can enjoy authentic gluten-free delicacies.

Celiac-friendly restaurants in Barcelona

En Ville Restaurant

It is a beautiful restaurant. Some even dare to say that it is one of the top 10 most beautiful restaurants in Barcelona.
Its style is reminiscent of the “bistros” of Paris.

Okay, nice restaurant and ideal for celiacs. But am I going to have to take out a mortgage to impress my date? Maybe you are wondering something like this…. And no, the answer is no.

Gluten free, cool and not overly expensive.

Crepes Barcelona

Creps and celiacs? Yes, at Creps Barcelona, they are compatible. So if you have celiac disease and a sweet tooth, you will find a real paradise here.

In this restaurant, the dough is handmade with organic whole wheat flour. This is one of the secrets of its natural flavor.

Il piccolo focone

An Italian restaurant with a menu suitable for celiacs. Is it or is it not a reason to visit this restaurant? But there is more… much more. If we have to highlight something, honoring the Italian pizza manatees, it is that they have an eight cheese pizza.

Delight is the word.


And we close this list of celiac-friendly restaurants in Barcelona with a Michelin star.

If you like Mediterranean cuisine, this is your place. But it also has a certain Asian touch that makes the proposal of its chef, Jordi Esteve, an ideal option for all audiences. And, of course, also for coeliacs, since 95% of the dishes are gluten-free.