The Magic Nights at Casa Batlló return

Summer is coming… And with it, an endless number of possibilities to enjoy -even more, if possible- our city. A good example of this is the return, and this year earlier than usual, of the magical nights at Casa Batlló.

magical nights at casa batlló

Are you ready to enjoy the magic of Barcelona’s nightlife in the impressive work of the great Gaudí?

Well, you won’t have to wait much longer, because starting this May 14, you will be able to enjoy this activity.

What are the Magic Nights at Casa Batlló?

This is not the first time we talk about them, since this initiative has been held for several years now… but if you still don’t know about it, we’ll tell you all about it again.

Music, culture and fun in one of Gaudí’s masterpieces: Magic Nights at Casa Batlló

That Gaudí exuded pure magic, that is something that at this point no one can doubt or argue. But some of his works have that magic more accentuated, such as Casa Batlló. No matter how you look at it, it is pure fantasy and magic represented in a masterful way in a building that traps and fascinates you both from the outside and from the inside.

The Magic Nights in this building, which is one of the greatest expressions of Catalan modernism, are more than an activity, they are an experience to live with the five senses.

An experience composed of a tour that will allow you to visit the main places of the house and travel back in time through its magnificent history and conservation. As a finishing touch to the tour, a fantastic moment of leisure and relaxation enjoying live music on the terrace of the building while enjoying a drink.

We think it’s a fantastic plan. And you, are you in?