How to visit Camp Nou

Knowing Barcelona and leaving without setting foot in the Camp Nou is like having a garden without flowers, especially nowadays when the guided tour of the Camp Nou is the order of the day. Undoubtedly, there are many curiosities and secrets that keeps this new ground, so named in 1957 when it took over from the old stadium called Les Corts.
El majestuoso y monumental Camp Nou de Barcelona

In case you didn’t know, the Camp Nou or new ground, is the soccer stadium with the largest capacity in Europe. It has a capacity to accommodate up to 90,000 soccer fans.
As for its facilities, we can tell you that they do not lack a single detail, they have everything:

  • Restaurants
  • Nursery for the little ones of the house
  • Several television sets
  • A sports medicine center
  • The association of former members of the azulgrana team
  • Press booths
  • Technical services offices
  • The Operational Control Unit (UCO)
  • And the offices of various departments of the club


In addition, if you decide to take the Camp Nou Guided Tour, you will also have access to the visiting team’s dressing room, the Club’s store and the Futbol Club Barcelona museum, which really lives up to the five stars awarded by UEFA!

In any case, so that you can take note of what you will find when you go there, we will give you some details in advance. Come with us!

A bit of history

The Camp Nou was born as a result of the constant growth of an increasingly unstoppable blaugrana mass. Thus, as a sign of the expansion and consolidation of Barça, the need arose to find a definitive playing field that would put the finishing touch to such magnificence and that would be able to contain so many fans together. Thus, after several unsuccessful renovations and expansions at the Les Corts stadium and after the signing of Kubala, the decision was made to buy a plot of land to broaden horizons. The year was 1950.


After a project by the architects Francesc Mitjans Miró and Josep Soteras Mauri (with the collaboration of Lorenzo García Barbón), and works that exceeded 288 million pesetas (a figure that indebted the club for several years), some time later, specifically on September 24, 1957, the Camp Nou was inaugurated.

It was a day of splendor that included everything from poetry to the creation of an anthem for the FC Barcelona stadium, with lyrics by Josep Badia and music by Adolf Cabané.

And now that you are informed about its origins, we will continue telling you more things that will be explained in more detail on the day of your guided tour of the Camp Nou.

What you will discover behind the scenes

Book your ticket

First of all, the first thing you should do is to book your ticket as they are in high demand and you could miss out. You will receive confirmation of your reservation immediately by email so you can print it or download it to your mobile device. You decide!

What you can see on your Camp Nou Guided Tour

Certainly, there are different types of experiences in a Camp Nou Guided Tour, since it is possible to customize them according to the consumer’s taste. There are even combined with a tourist bus that offers different routes and stops at the main points of interest of the city.

During your guided tour of the Camp Nou, you will have access to secret places never before exposed to the public: you will go through the changing rooms, the tunnel, the trophy gallery, the press room, the multimedia area, the pitch, several television sets, the Sports Medicine Center and the new Messi space, among others. For one day you will live like one of the Barça players, you will be able to step on the field that authentic soccer legends such as Carles Puyol and Rivaldo, stepped on in every game. You will be part of their glories and their failures and you will find answers to all your doubts: What motivated Messi’s departure? Will the team rise up after his departure? What is the players’ routine? All these questions and many more will be wisely answered by the professional expert guide who will accompany you.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy souvenirs at the club store before you leave! You won’t want to miss it.


About Camp Nou museum

So that you don’t miss anything on your guided tour of the Camp Nou, inside the museum and through its extraordinary exhibitions, you will get an alternative perspective on the popular soccer team:

  • You will contemplate a wide variety of signed memorabilia.
  • You can also delight in a very extensive collection of trophies.
  • And you will learn about the thriving winning streak of which Futbol Club Barcelona has been the protagonist.

To finish your guided tour of the Camp Nou, it is mandatory to replenish your energy with a succulent lunch in its revitalizing gastronomic space, where you will find a wide variety of proposals, from those based on Mediterranean cuisine to the latest trends based on the purest and most traditional Hawaiian inspiration.

Regarding the schedules of visits to the Camp Nou

Remind you that the best time of the day to take a guided tour of the Camp Nou is in the morning, from the time it opens at 10:00 am. Another excellent option is to schedule your visit in the afternoon, from three o’clock onwards. Although you should keep in mind that these data are approximate and may vary depending on the season.


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