5 restaurants to enjoy a tasty vegetarian meal

5 restaurants to enjoy a tasty vegetarian meal

Eating a nutritious and delicious vegetarian meal in Barcelona should not be a big deal. In our city we have excellent classic and traditional vegan restaurants, as well as those with new, modern and delicious proposals.

The vegan trend is becoming stronger and stronger worldwide for health and environmental sustainability.

Eating healthy, but also delicious and appetizing, is a great challenge for this type of gastronomy.

5 vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

1. The Green Spot (Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 12, 08003)

This warm and bright restaurant with a Nordic ambiance offers vegan food whether you are vegetarian or not. You can choose from a varied menu of more than 30 original and provocative dishes. Variety of salads, pizzas, desserts, appetizers and different dishes from around the world. You can find different vegetarian specialties and exquisite cocktails. It offers delivery service, consumption on site or to take home.

2. Xavier Pellicer Restaurant (C/ de Provença, 310, 08037)

Its creator, Xavier Pellicer, already has a Michelin star in his former restaurant Celerí dedicated to vegetable dishes with animal protein. Now back, he gives life to “Xavier Pellicer Restaurant” where he won another recognition for being the best vegetable restaurant in the world. Here you can taste dishes with seasonal vegetables, kale and couscous, masla infusion, Barbastro pink tomato, zucchini and cauliflower.

3. Fat Veggies (Carrer de París, 168, 08036)

His specialty is somewhat complex, but very tasty vegetable cuisine, with Middle Eastern influence and prepared with smoking and fermentation processes. The dishes are generous but very carefully prepared. Such is the case of cauliflower prepared from three different cooking points and on a cauliflower puree prepared from the vegetable stem with white chocolate. It is a creamy and crunchy dish that changes the look and taste of this vegetable. You can also try a cream of peppers with grilled asparagus, among other delicacies.

4. Teresa Carles (C/ de Jovellanos, 2, 08001)

A whole range of sustainable and healthy food that integrates Catalan tradition and vegetarian food. Among the most outstanding dishes are soups, creams, salads, main dishes and a variety of desserts.

5. Väcka (C/ dels Almogàvers, 138, 08018)

With a beautiful terrace and delicious food, Väcka is one of the good vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. This vegan restaurant with herbs and vegetables from the garden and dishes including vegan cheese, offers a menu with different alternatives. It is a warehouse type restaurant where you can also eat veggie burgers, tapas and waffles. You can consume in the establishment or pick up at the door without contact. The take away menu can be booked online.

The local gastronomy already integrates the vegan. Try these delicacies.

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