The eight restaurants you must visit in Barcelona [VIDEOs]

restaurants you must visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world thanks to all its charms, among which its gastronomy stands out. La Ciudad Condal is culture, good weather and miles of coastline as well as having a wide variety of restaurants that delight the millions of tourists who drop by the capital of Catalonia during all seasons of the year.

restaurants you must visit in Barcelona
The eight restaurants you must visit in Barcelona

Because in this city you can find a great variety of centers dedicated to gastronomy. Not only will you enjoy Catalan cuisine, already rich in itself, but also a multitude of foods rooted in different cultures that make Barcelona one of the world capitals of gastronomy.

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. Here are the best restaurants that you can find in the capital of Catalonia.

Uma Restaurant

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Barcelona and is currently on everyone’s lips. It is located at Carrer de Provença 310 and is the flagship restaurant of chef Iker Erauzkin, who is committed to a punk cuisine, imaginative and rocking in the best of senses. The Basque chef is a benchmark of a new avant-garde haute cuisine in Barcelona, based on Mediterranean recipes without renouncing to splashing it with Asian flavors and applying the most avant-garde techniques, always with a groundbreaking and identifiable aesthetic. The price of its tasting menu is 75 euros.

Viana Restaurant

The Viana restaurant, located a few steps from the beautiful and characteristic Plaza Real in Barcelona, is a gastronomic oasis where you can enjoy an international cuisine with touches of traditional Spanish cuisine, made with care and without haste. Opened in August 2015 by brothers Rubén and Miguel Bermúdez, Carlos García and chef Solomon Tabisaura, this small and cozy restaurant is committed to the highest quality product prepared with love and friendly and close treatment. One of the great advantages of this place is its price, as you can dine for around 30 euros.

Minamo Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant is one of the most renowned in Barcelona. Here the kitchen is a party, as befits a place that bets heavily on a peculiar staging. We found three proposals: a lunch menu and two dinner menus, one of them with wagyu as the protagonist . In all of them, the waste of high quality products is overwhelming: oysters, caviar, gold, seafood and the so-called Sushi Garden that is described with one word: outstanding. The menu is usually around 70 euros.

El Cercle Restaurant

This restaurant in the heart of Barcelona is a pleasant space located in the headquarters of the Reial Cercle Artístic, divided into two distinct parts that offer the best of Catalan and Japanese cuisine. The executive menu can cost you around 25 euros.

Spoonik Club Restaurant

Immerse yourself in this restaurant located in Plaza Lesseps is an experience for the senses. This dream space by Colombian chef Jon Giraldo is a place to go without prejudices and let yourself be carried away to do something more transcendent than a simple lunch or dinner. Its pairings are also famous in Barcelona and its tasting menu is a little over 100 euros.

Con Gracia Restaurant

Con Gracia pays homage to the highest quality product, to which contemporary techniques are applied with the utmost respect and without betraying the flavors. It has two tasting menus, with the option of pairing, which are a display of Mediterranean cuisine with some international touches. It is located at Calle Martínez de la Rosa, 8 and its experience menu costs 65 euros.

Restaurant Antigua

This restaurant located at Carrer de Marià Cubí 59 is the perfect place for an intimate dinner with your partner. Here you will be able to taste the best recipes of the Mediterranean gastronomy among which stand out the tuna, the free-range egg, the sobrasada and the truffle. The culinary charm of his menu is based on the passion he wants to convey to the customer by the traditional cuisine and a lot of creativity. The average price of the menu is around 30 euros.

Manairó Restaurant

Manairó is that fine dining restaurant that is unlike any other. It is located at 424 Diputació Street and is owned by chef Jordi Herrera. Its slogan is Unprecedented cuisine for detractors of the conventional and this indicates what you can find in a place that makes a song to the future with the food ahead. The price of its lunch menu is 45 euros.

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