“El Taller” A charming place in El Clot and much more than a good restaurant.

A few days ago we were walking through the Clot neighborhood wanting to go to dinner in a new place, little known, the typical ones that we like Salirporbarcelona and you who follow us… to understand each other.

Tired from the heat we suddenly bumped into each other at ….. The Workshop…was right in front of us…the atmosphere caught us from the street and it was clear to us….

Hopefully there is still a table free and we can spend the evening there… it was!

It was hard to convince the nice girl who attended us because it was very very full but in the end we got it and it was a success …. :)

Today we asked its owner Federico something more about El Taller.

When did you open and how was the idea of opening a restaurant born?

The Taller i Vuit Espai, a restaurant and an art academy, are the result, the staging of an idea.
Natalia is a painter and had her small painting studio near where we are now. He combined his work there with drawing and painting classes for children and adults.
Federico is an architect and had his office in another neighborhood.

We thought of this space as a meeting place, where we could develop our professions, and where other people could also participate in this dialogue and exchange.
We told the idea to Esperanza, Beatriz and Carmen, who joined the project.

The restaurant was a consequence… we originally wanted a place to see an exhibition, a small play, or attend a conference; and to be able to liven it all up with a tapa and a good wine.
The menu began to grow, and the public came in search of something out of what we strictly understand as a restaurant.

We opened two years ago and we have a great team that gives a lot of personality to the space.
But we understand that what brought us here, the constant proposals and changes, must continue to take place…. is the way to keep the space alive.

Do you define yourselves as a cultural bar? Can you explain to us what this concept consists of?

At the origin of the idea was always present the cultural exchange between different disciplines. Cultural bar may be the synthesis of converging gastronomy, music, arts, literature…

What is the success of your place or its differential point?

Everything we offer is quality, from the wine, the musicians or the exhibitions that we propose. We believe this is highly valued.

What kind of customers frequent your store?

There is no defined profile, many young people, families… come because they have heard about them or they have been recommended, and this chain is very interesting.

Are you in the CLOT neighborhood, is it an advantage or disadvantage to be a bit far from the most touristic places in Barcelona?

El Clot is a neighborhood with a lot of charm that is changing and we hope it will keep its character. Whoever comes to the Clot does not think they are in Barcelona; it is a neighborhood that still maintains that village structure that makes it so peculiar.

Being in the Clot is an advantage, those who come here are looking for an experience outside the traditional circuits.

What do you have planned for this summer 2017?

Many new developments that we are seeing how to materialize them. You may have to come and find out…

What kind of wine list do you have?

The wine menu is based on the idea that we are not going to talk to you about the wine but about who produces it and their stories. They are all small wineries with a lot to say.

What is the food on your menu that you are most proud of? :))

We started by wanting to make different patatas bravas, baked in the oven, with different sauces to taste. We can say that the origin of this search for difference is transferred to all the dishes, so we are just as proud of the patatas bravas as we are of the cheese board, the meat board, the wraps…



Clot 71 baixos
08018 Barcelona
T. 93 169 39 00