The 4 best Catalan cuisine restaurants in the city

The 4 best Catalan cuisine restaurants in the city

Now for parties and New Year’s Eve if you crave to enjoy the best recipes of Catalan cuisine in the city, we tell you what restaurants you can go to in Barcelona.

Although in our city there are restaurants of all kinds of international food, this time we tell you where you can enjoy the most traditional dishes of our gastronomy.

What better way to enjoy rice casserole, fritters, “Capipota”, escalivada, calçots, a Catalan dish or a menu with the best Mediterranean food.

We are fortunate to have in Barcelona several options of restaurants where they prepare with fresh and quality products, typical Catalan dishes.

There are sophisticated and exclusive restaurants, as well as popular restaurants for lunch or dinner for a reasonable price.

Catalan cuisine restaurants in the city

1. Fonda Pepa (Carrer de Tordera, 58, 08012)

It can be consumed on site or taken home. La Fonda Pepa is a restaurant of traditional Catalan cuisine, offering dishes prepared with dedication and touches of other gastronomies. Specialists in octopus bathed in bouillabaisse, samphire and tarragon mustard. You will also find on the menu pork feet with mole, traditional fork breakfasts, boneless lamb cheeks cut as skewers and marinated in spices. Dishes are very generous for about 14 euros and wines by the glass for more than two euros.

2. La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample

Bar-restaurant of which there are few left. They offer excellent dishes of our gastronomy for tight budgets and a demanding palate. The most requested by diners is the fork lunch, but if you are going to eat, be prepared to enjoy cod, knuckle, capipota, among others. If you go at noon, you will find a menu with almost 30 dishes at your disposal.

3. Alkostat (Ronda Sant Antoni, 41, main, 0801)

A restaurant where creativity is integrated into traditional Catalan cuisine. It offers at affordable prices, the traditional dishes of our gastronomy for you to lick your fingers. Get ready to taste a cod brandade with raifort and green beans or a steak tartar with smoked butter and “allipebre”. You will also find a crispy chicken thigh with badly cut, but well fried potatoes and fresh cannelloni. Catalan cuisine with respect, but without limits.

4. Ca l’Estevet (Carrer de Valldonzella, 46, 08001)

It is another of the best Catalan cuisine restaurants in the city. This food house is very traditional as it has been open since 1890. Here you can eat like angels. The decoration and style of the place integrates very well with the good service, the kindness of the attention and the cleanliness and neatness of the place. Experts in slow cooking and in a capipota with samfaina with a lot of flavor.