Step by step how to organize a private party in Barcelona

The basis of a good party is good planning. It sounds terrible because it takes a lot of effort on the back end, but it’s worth it when the event turns out exactly as you intended.
organize a private party in barcelona
Before you start organizing everything, what type of event do you want to celebrate?
Is it a social, personal or professional event? In the first two cases, it could be a more informal event if you wanted, although a business meeting does require something quiet even if it is a party for an important date.
What you celebrate is the least important thing. What is really important is to plan according to the occasion and to have everything under control. In Barcelona there are several places where you can celebrate a party, and perhaps without so much effort.


Date and time: adjust times

It is necessary to schedule the event in order to have enough time to prepare everything and make sure that the guests have that day off. It is easiest to hold a party on a weekend day in the afternoon and/or evening because these are the days that are usually unoccupied.


private parties barcelona

It also considers variables such as:
  • Time for organization. Set a realistic goal, according to the time you can dedicate to the preparation of the party without affecting your daily life.
  • Sporting events. Spain is a country with a great sports culture, so it will always be good to avoid organizing these events if there is an important match for that day.
  • Holidays and long weekends. These dates are perfect for a family vacation, not for a party.
  • Weather. Try to look for a day with a low chance of rain, especially if it is an outdoor party.

The budget: each factor has its assigned limit

It varies greatly depending on whether it is a private or corporate celebration. In the first case, it is best to simply set a limit to your budget and stick to it as much as possible. Meanwhile, company parties have an assigned budget that the organizer must be aware of, something that is more easily achieved if you get sponsorships.
Knowing how much money you have, you have to distribute it basically as follows:
  • 15% place.
  • 35% food.
  • 20% beverage.
  • 15% service if it is a party with many attendees.
  • 5% decoration, and perhaps even more if it is a theme party.
  • 10% miscellaneous expenses because last minute inconveniences or expenses can always arise.
However, the way the budget is distributed may vary slightly. For example, you could perhaps dedicate a higher percentage to decoration if your main idea is a themed party, or save that expense if it is already included in the venue fee.


The type of party: formal or casual?

Depending on the type of party, one place or another will be more convenient. It will also be necessary to define the type of food, decoration, music, and even the possibility of including or not alcoholic beverages.
Would you like a formal party or something more casual? Perhaps a costume theme? Looking for a more participatory event? Is the idea to have dancing most of the time like a disco, or are you looking for something a little quieter with comfortable spaces to chat?
After better defining what you want, inform the guests about the details that concern them: the type of attire (formal or informal?), and even if costumes are required for the theme.


The venue: advantages of choosing a venue for a private party

The location is one of the most important decisions to make because it is related to the type of party you have decided to have. There is an infinite number of venues for private parties in Barcelona, with options for all types and sizes of events. Explore a bit to find the perfect one according to various criteria:
  • The number of guests so that all of you enter comfortably.
  • LocationThe best location is an accessible one so that guests can get there easily.
  • Indoor or outdoor. In summer and spring the atmosphere is perfect for an outdoor party if you wish, while winter and autumn force you to do it indoors. It is advisable to have a second option in case you see that the weather is going to be bad that day.
  • The layout of the space has to be appropriate with the elements such as the bar, stage and any other elements for the activities you are planning.
  • Are you going to have live music? Find a place with good acoustics and location for the presentation.
  • It will always be better if the place has its own parking lot, or at least there is one nearby.
  • Make sure you can decorate as planned, especially if the party will be themed.
Choosing a private venue is the most comfortable thing you can do to have a private party: the location will always be perfect for what you are planning. This implies that you make sure that there is enough space for your guests, that you can make adjustments in decoration, that there is room for the events you want and so on.


Concluding… Still thinking about it?

Choosing a private venue where to organize a party among friends is surely a very comfortable option to have a private party, since you can choose a place that fits perfectly to what you are planning.

If you take into account some of the tips we have provided, we are sure that your celebration will be a success and you will enjoy it and remember it!

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