Somorrostro Beach

Part of Barcelona’s charm is due to its beautiful coastline. And beaches are not only enjoyed in summer, but all year round; lovers of outdoor sports and nature know it well. Today, we talk about one of the beaches of Barcelona, Somorrostro beach.

Somorrostro Beach

This beautiful and charming beach is located between Hospitalet de Mar and Calle de la Marina, sharing a stretch of coastline that used to belong to the famous Barceloneta beach. However, some time ago, the beach was renamed with the intention of paying tribute to the Barcelona shantytown of the same name Somorroostro, which was destroyed after a hundred years of existence and history in 1966, on the occasion of a visit to the city of the dictator Francisco Franco.

Its central location makes Somorrostro beach easily accessible by both private and public transport. Perhaps this central location is what has made it one of the favorite beaches for the young people of Barcelona, and also for tourists visiting the city.

The beach is just over 500 meters long and about 80 meters wide. It is not very large, but it offers all the amenities: public toilets and showers, children’s playgrounds, volleyball courts, a gymnastics area, etc.

Undoubtedly, Somorrostro beach is one of the places to take into account and include in the list of places to visit for tourists. And, of course, an ideal place to enjoy also for those who live in the city.