Plaça de la Revolució Shelter

Today we want to tell you about a very special and perhaps unknown to the vast majority…

Plaça de la RevolucióMore than 1400 shelters were built in Barcelona during the Civil War. And some of them are quite well known and visiting them is very easy. Good examples are the shelters of Plaça del Diamant and Refugi 307 in Poble Sec. But we have discovered one, less known, but which we believe is worth discovering… It is the Refuge of the Plaça de la Revolució.

The shelter of the Plaça de la Revolució is open access and totally free of charge. And the curious note of this corner is that to access it you have to do it through the parking of the Plaça de la Revolució. In fact, in order to access the shelter, it is necessary to ask for the keys in the parking lot…
The entrance to the refuge is on the top floor of the parking lot. The truth is that there is not much left of the shelter, since part of it was destroyed during the construction of the parking lot; only an L-shaped corridor, a bench where it is easy to imagine the refugees and two rooms remain. Enough to, upon entering it, take a trip back in time that helps to better understand what that sad era was like.
Also visible on walls and ceilings are the remains of the shelter’s electrical grid, which was apparently capable of supplying light to the refugees for about two hours during the attacks.

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