Barcelona metro warns of viral challenges with “risk of entrapment” signs

Barcelona metro warns of viral challenges with

The rise of social networks, particularly platforms such as Tik Tok, has led to a proliferation of what are known as “viral challenges”.

These challenges, which often involve risky or dangerous activities, are attracting increasing attention from users, but also pose serious risks to those who participate in them.

Recently, the Barcelona metro has been forced to take action to address one of these viral challenges by placing warning signs in its facilities.

Barcelona subway warns about viral challenges

The subway message focuses on a particular challenge that has emerged on TikTok, which involves leaving your cell phone resting on the escalator treadmill and recording yourself as you ascend the escalator.

Although it may seem harmless, this practice presents a real risk of entrapment and injury. Therefore, the Barcelona metro has issued a clear warning, asking users not to take photos or videos while using the escalators.

The warning sign has been installed at the Sagrada Familia metro station in an effort to dissuade users from participating in this dangerous challenge. However, the need to post such signs has generated surprise and concern among some users, who consider it unfortunate that it is necessary to warn about this type of behavior.

On social networks, where the image of the poster was shared, the comments reflect a mixture of disbelief and indignation.

Some users have suggested that fines should be imposed to discourage this type of irresponsible behavior. Concern for the safety of users and the smooth operation of the metro is evident in these reactions.

Viral challenges spread around the world

This is not the first case of viral challenges affecting public transportation. In cities around the world, from Madrid to New York, there have been documented cases of people participating in dangerous challenges on the subway.

Subwaysurfing, or “subwaysurfing” as it is known, is a particularly worrying fad that has caused injuries and even deaths on some occasions.

Metro authorities, as well as unions and safety organizations, have expressed concern about this trend and have launched campaigns to raise awareness among users about the dangers associated with these challenges.

However, it seems that the lure of social media fame remains a powerful force for some, who are willing to risk their safety and the safety of others in search of likes and followers.

The case of the warning sign in the Barcelona subway is a reminder of the dangers that can arise from fulfilling viral challenges proposed through social networks.