Entre Dones’ Day to promote women’s health

Entre Dones' Day to promote women's health

The Hospital de la Santa Cruz y San Pablo in Barcelona is preparing to host the second edition of ‘Entre Dones’, a free participatory day dedicated exclusively to women’s health.

With the intention of addressing crucial issues on health inequalities and promoting the integration of the gender perspective in the health sector, this event will take place next Saturday, April 13, 2024 at the majestic Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

The Sant Pau Art Nouveau site, recognized as the largest Art Nouveau complex in the world and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, will serve as the perfect setting for this day dedicated to women’s health and well-being.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore this architectural masterpiece while participating in a variety of activities focused on women’s health care.

Day of activities in ‘Entre Dones’.

The program of activities of ‘Entre Dones’ is designed to address three major thematic blocks: the brain and women, sport and women and menopause.

These topics will be addressed through colloquiums and workshops given by experts in each field, with the aim of providing valuable information and promoting awareness of issues relevant to women’s health.

In the block dedicated to women and the brain, sa will address the topic of how diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, migraine and depression affect health from a gender perspective.

On the other hand, activities related to sport and women will focus on female empowerment in the field of sports and the compatibility of physical exercise with different stages of life, such as pregnancy and postpartum.

Finally, the menopause block will explore the various experiences of women during this stage of life and address associated symptoms.

Gastronomy and solidarity market

In addition to the workshops and colloquiums, attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Van Van Market, a gastronomic space offering local and sustainable products. This market will feature a variety of culinary options prepared by nomadic chefs, as well as artisanal and local products.

Finally, a solidarity market located on the rambla outside the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site will offer a selection of products ranging from local oils to cosmetics and personal care items.

This market will give attendees the opportunity to support charitable initiatives while enjoying the day.

‘Entre Dones’ promises to be an enriching and educational experience for all those interested in women’s health and wellness.

The day seeks to generate a positive impact in the community and promote a more equal and healthy future for all.