La Barceloneta: among the best beaches in the world

La Barceloneta: among the best beaches in the world

Recently, Barceloneta beach in Barcelona has been recognized as one of the 15 best beaches in the world by Beachatlas, a startup specialized in the analysis of beaches worldwide.

This unusual recognition defies conventional standards of coastal beauty, as Barceloneta beach is distinguished by its history, vibrant nightlife and gastronomic offerings, rather than its crystal clear waters and exotic landscapes.

Barceloneta ranked 15th in the ranking

Among a selection of more than a hundred beaches around the world, Barcelona stood out with the fifteenth position thanks to Barceloneta, a beach known for its golden sand and blue waters, as well as for its lively atmosphere and traditional seafood restaurants.

In addition, this beach has a rich history and is home to historical monuments, such as the medieval tower of Santa Maria, which offers panoramic views of the city.

What makes Barceloneta’s inclusion in this ranking even more remarkable is the unconventional methodology used by Beachatlas to evaluate beaches.

Rather than focusing solely on natural beauty, Beachatlas has valued aspects such as historical relevance, pop culture presence, value to the local community, inclusivity, and entertainment and leisure offerings.

This approach has resulted in a diverse and inclusive selection of the world’s best beaches.

A beach associated with literary history

In addition, Barceloneta beach has gained additional points in the ranking due to its association with literary history, being the alleged setting of a famous scene from Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece, “Don Quixote”.

It is said that this beach was the scene of the fight between Don Quixote and the Knight of the White Moon, a scene immortalized in Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece. This connection to literature and culture adds an additional layer of charm and meaning to this coastal destination.

This recognition highlights the uniqueness of Barceloneta as an urban beach that combines history, culture and entertainment in a vibrant coastal setting.

Which beaches make the Top 20 of ‘the best in the world?

The Beachatlas website ranking includes a total of one hundred beaches, but these are the first twenty:

  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  2. Boulders Beach, South Africa
  3. Waikiki Beach, United States
  4. Copacabana, Brazil
  5. Mata Bay, Thailand
  6. Black Sand Beach, Iceland
  7. Glass Beach, United States
  8. JBR Beach, United Arab Emirates
  9. Skeleton Coast, Namibia
  10. Omaha Beach, France
  11. Whitehaven Beach, Australia
  12. Pattaya Beach, Thailand
  13. Cap d’Agde, France
  14. Lake Luzern, Switzerland
  15. Barceloneta, Spain
  16. Bondi Beach, Australia
  17. Source of Silver, Seychelles
  18. Bossa Beach, Spain
  19. Elia Beach, Greece
  20. Playa del Amor, Mexico