Nomo Eixample, Japanese gastronomy and cocktail bar now in the former Casa Dario

Nomo Eixample, Japanese gastronomy and cocktail bar now in the former Casa Dario

The gastronomic group Nomo is preparing to take its passion for Japanese cuisine to new heights in the vibrant city of Barcelona. With the exciting announcement of the upcoming opening of Nomo Eixample, the group embarks on a mission to delight food lovers with a unique and captivating dining experience.

Imagine stepping into the historic Casa Dario, located at the charming intersection of Consell de Cent and Aribau streets. That’s where Nomo Eixample, the group’s fourth restaurant in Barcelona and the first to be established south of the famous Diagonal Avenue, will come to life.

More than just a place to enjoy delicious Japanese dishes, Nomo Eixample will be a gastronomic sanctuary where tradition and culinary innovation will merge. From the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine to the most avant-garde creations, every bite will be a sensory experience that will delight the palate and awaken the senses.

But beyond exceptional food, Nomo Eixample aspires to become a meeting point where the community comes together to share special moments. It will be a place where laughter, lively conversations and shared memories intertwine with exquisite Japanese cuisine, creating a cozy and lively atmosphere.

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With every detail carefully designed to provide an unforgettable experience, Nomo Eixample will not only be a restaurant, but a gastronomic destination that will leave an indelible mark in the heart of Barcelona and in the memory of those who visit it.

This new establishment, scheduled to open its doors in June, promises to be a unique dining experience that combines the best of Japanese cuisine with innovative elements.

One of the most exciting features of Nomo Eixample is its addition of a cocktail bar, which will add a new level of sophistication and fun to the dining experience.

In addition, the menu will be expanded to include a selection of fresh fish and robata dishes, prepared on a Japanese grill. These additions ensure that diners can enjoy a complete and varied dining experience.

Nomo Eixample: Japanese gastronomy

The choice of the location in the former Casa Dario is significant, as this establishment was an institution in Barcelona’s gastronomic scene. After the historic seafood restaurant closed last September, the Nomo team saw an opportunity to revitalize the space and offer something new and exciting to the city’s culinary community.

The transformation process of the premises is in its final phase, with the ground floor offering a large room with capacity for 120 diners distributed in three different spaces.

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In addition, a cocktail bar will be installed in the reception area to offer customers a complete experience from the moment they walk in the door.

The top floor, known as Nomo Upstairs, will open at a later date with a concept yet to be determined, adding an element of mystery and anticipation to the Nomo Eixample experience.

Associated with El Corte Inglés

In addition to the exciting opening of Nomo Eixample, the Nomo group has other exciting projects in the works that are destined to captivate and delight even more people. In May, a sushi corner is scheduled to open in the new El Corte Inglés supermarket, located in the impressive Aura building on Francesc Macià.

This strategic partnership with El Corte Inglés represents an exciting milestone for Nomo, as it gives it the opportunity to reach an even wider audience. Now, customers will be able to enjoy Nomo’s delicious dishes in a fast and convenient way while doing their daily shopping.

But Nomo’s expansion does not stop in Barcelona. In Madrid, the group has already made its mark with a restaurant on Bárbara de Braganza street, and has ambitious plans to open a third establishment in 2025. This continued growth is testament to the success and ongoing popularity of the brand, which closed 2023 with an impressive turnover of €16 million.

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Behind these numbers are stories of dedication, passion and hard work by the entire Nomo team. Every dish served represents the group’s commitment to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction. And every smile on diners’ faces reflects the success of a company that strives to exceed expectations in every dining experience.