From the Rising Sun to the Mediterranean: A Tour of the best Temples of Japanese Flavor in Barcelona

Barcelona, a city where culture and gastronomy intertwine in a vibrant tapestry of flavors, is also home to an exceptionally rich and diverse Japanese culinary scene.

In this article, we delve into the corners of the Catalan capital to discover the sanctuaries of sushi, the masters of teppanyaki and the visionaries of fusion cuisine that have conquered the palates of locals and visitors, consolidating themselves as the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona.

Each, with its distinctive character, offers a window into Japan.
A window on Japan that seduces as much by its authenticity as by its creativity. Join us on this culinary journey to meet the titans of Japanese cuisine that have made a difference in Barcelona. Ready?


Monster Sushi Gal-la Placidia

Address: Plaça de Gal-la Placídia, 25


Monster Sushi Gal-la Placídia, located in the vibrant heart of Barcelona in the charming Plaça de Gal-la Placídia, is a culinary destination that promises an immersion in the authenticity and innovation of Japanese cuisine. With such an intriguing name, this restaurant not only attracts sushi lovers, but also those in search of unforgettable culinary experiences.

Each dish served is a work of art, fusing traditional flavors with contemporary touches, presented in an ambiance that balances minimalist elegance with cozy warmth. Monster Sushi Gal-la Placídia is not just a meal, it is a celebration of delicacy and passion for sushi in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

Robata Barcelona

Address: C. d’Enric Granados, 55


Located in the picturesque street of Enric Granados, Robata Barcelona is an exquisite corner of Japan in the heart of the vibrant city of Barcelona. This restaurant specializes in robata, a Japanese cooking technique that uses charcoal embers to grill ingredients to perfection, offering smoky flavors and unparalleled textures.

In an intimate and contemporary setting, diners can enjoy a meticulous selection of seasonal ingredients that are transformed into dishes that delight both the eye and the palate. From delicately prepared sushi to masterfully grilled meats and fish, Robata Barcelona is a must-visit destination for fans of Japanese cuisine looking for an authentic and memorable experience.

Can Kenji

Address: C/ del Rosselló, 325


Can Kenji is a culinary jewel hidden in Rosselló street, a refuge for palates seeking harmony between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines in Barcelona. This intimate restaurant combines the precision of Japanese gastronomy with the freshness and character of local ingredients, creating a fusion of flavors that surprise and delight.

Each dish is a display of creativity and respect for tradition, in a welcoming environment that invites diners to enjoy a unique experience. Can Kenji is not only synonymous of innovation in sushi and robata, but also of an atmosphere where every visit becomes a special and memorable occasion.


Address: C/ dels Tallers, 48


Majide, located on Barcelona’s vibrant Carrer dels Tallers, is a sanctuary of Japanese cuisine that captivates with its authenticity and warm hospitality. This establishment embodies the essence of traditional Japan, offering a culinary experience that is both a journey for the palate and a cultural discovery.

Diners can immerse themselves in a menu that celebrates classic sushi, sashimi and izakaya dishes, each prepared with meticulous attention to detail and presented with a refined aesthetic. Majide is an encounter with the true spirit of Japan, where every bite is a tribute to pure flavors and culinary craftsmanship, all in an intimate and cozy atmosphere that invites you to return.


Address: C. del Montseny, 13


On the quiet street of Montseny, Kitsune emerges as an oasis of serenity and flavor in the bustling Barcelona. Its name, inspired by the mythical Japanese fox, portends a cunning and charming culinary experience. This cozy restaurant embraces the essence of Japan with a gastronomic offering that pays homage to traditional techniques while embracing innovation.

Diners are invited to explore a menu that distills the delicacy of sushi and the robustness of hot dishes, each made with premium ingredients and impeccable presentation. Kitsune is not just a place to eat, but a space where Japanese culture and cuisine intertwine to create unforgettable moments.

Yashima Restaurant / Teppanyaki

Address: Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 145


Located on Josep Tarradellas Avenue, Yashima Restaurant / Teppanyaki is a sensory journey to the heart of Japan without leaving Barcelona. This gastronomic space offers an immersive teppanyaki experience, where the skill and creativity of the chefs become a culinary spectacle.

With fresh, high quality ingredients, each dish is a celebration of flavor and texture, prepared on the griddle in front of the diners. Yashima is an environment where elegance and tradition merge, providing a unique atmosphere that complements its exquisite cuisine. It is the perfect destination for those looking for exceptional food and an interactive and memorable experience.

Shunka Restaurant

Address: Carrer dels Sagristans, 5, 08002 Barcelona


Shunka Restaurant, located in the heart of Barcelona, is a haven of authenticity in the Japanese gastronomic scene of the city. This establishment is a tribute to the Japanese culinary tradition, where each dish is prepared with deep dedication and respect for the native flavors of Japan.

The Shunka experience is based on the freshness of its ingredients, meticulously selected to create sushi and sashimi that delight the senses, and kaiseki dishes that tell stories with every bite. In an intimate and cozy atmosphere, designed to transport its diners to a corner of Kyoto, Shunka is an undisputed destination for those in search of a genuine, first-class Japanese culinary experience.


Address: C. de Aribau, 68


Yamadori is a jewel of Japanese gastronomy that stands out for its elegance and commitment to authenticity. This establishment welcomes diners in a sophisticated setting that reflects the serenity and beauty of Japan. With a menu that ranges from classic sushi to innovative creations,

Yamadori strives to offer a culinary experience that honors age-old traditions. Fresh, high quality ingredients are the basis of each dish, ensuring that every visit is a taste adventure and a discovery of the intense and delicate flavors that define Japanese cuisine.


Address:Carrer de Sant Delfí, 11


Yushu stands as a contemporary expression of Japanese gastronomy. This restaurant fuses the essence of Japan with a modern spirit and a touch of Mediterranean warmth. Its minimalist and elegant space is the perfect setting for a culinary experience based on the excellence of the ingredients and the precision of traditional techniques.

From signature sushi to innovative dishes that surprise and delight, Yushu is committed to providing a memorable dining experience. It is a place where every visit awakens the senses and celebrates the rich simplicity and profound complexity of Japanese culinary art.

Ikibana Sarrià

Address: C. del Dr. Fleming, 11


Ikibana Sarrià, located in the elegant Sarrià neighborhood, is a culinary experience that harmonizes Japanese aesthetics with the Brazilian spirit. This restaurant not only offers a fusion of exquisite flavors, but also provides an environment where modern design meets nature, reflecting Ikibana’s philosophy that focuses on beauty and cohesion.

With a menu featuring both traditional sushi and innovative tropical-inspired creations, each dish is an invitation to explore unexpected textures and aromas. Ikibana Sarrià is the perfect place for those looking to delight their palate with sophisticated Japanese-Brazilian cuisine in an environment that is as vibrant and welcoming as the food they serve.

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“From the intimacy of artisanal sushi to the vibrant dance of teppanyaki, Barcelona offers a mosaic of Japanese experiences that transcend borders and palates. Each restaurant mentioned is a brushstroke of Japan in this Mediterranean city, and they are tangible proof that to travel to the land of the rising sun, sometimes all you need is to book a table.”