Barcelona Beer Company: the beer of Barcelona

Barcelona Beer CompanyIf you had asked us what Barcelona lacks, we would not have known what to answer. The fact is that Barcelona is, without a doubt, a very complete city that has -almost- everything. But it was definitely missing something: its own beer. And you’ve got it!

Barcelona Beer Company is a new company dedicated to the brewing of beers that has just been born, but it promises. The company is committed to quality in its product accompanied by an interesting and attractive marketing strategy. With these ingredients, success is almost guaranteed.

Barcelona Beer Company brews beers using high quality raw materials, such as spring water from the Font del Regas spring in Montseny, a wide variety of roasted barley from Germany, and carefully selected and blended hops in order to obtain three different types of beer (for the time being):

  • La Bella Lola
    It is the mildest of the three proposals that Barcelona Beer Company has made for the moment. It has only three degrees of alcohol, delicious and refreshing. And refreshing should also be its image, which consists of the face of a girl, Lola?
  • Beercelona
    It is still a mild beer, but slightly less than the previous one, Barcelona has four degrees of alcohol. In this case, the image of the beer has been designed by Barcelona artist Alex Trochut.
  • Flying Pigs
    This is a stronger beer, it has five degrees of alcohol. In this case, it is not a single image that represents this beer, but three images that will appear indistinctly on the bottles; on each label will appear one of the three little pigs now that they have grown up and have discovered that the pleasure of this life lies in that moment of beer with friends. And because of these things in life, each pig speaks a different language: one speaks English, one speaks Spanish and another one speaks Catalan.