Barcelona cedes buildings for social renting: a step towards affordable housing

Barcelona cedes buildings for social renting: a step towards affordable housing

Barcelona City Council has taken a significant step forward in its commitment to provide affordable housing for its citizens. Through the Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation of Barcelona (IMHAB), three buildings have been ceded to foundations for social rental.

This initiative, which involves the Barceloneta and Horta neighborhoods, seeks to address the housing needs of those in vulnerable situations and promote social inclusion.

The project ‘Llar Barceloneta’ seeks to achieve the rehabilitation of a building located in the Joan de Borbó promenade. This is in order to create a total of 18 housing units. Of these, 25% will go to people in the neighborhood served by social entities, while the remaining 75% will be available for applicants for subsidized housing.

In the Horta neighborhood, two buildings will undergo renovation work, while one will be demolished to make way for a new construction that will house 12 housing units. These actions represent a significant investment in improving the quality of life of residents and revitalizing local communities.

Public-private partnership to promote social rentals

The Barcelona City Council has established an effective collaboration with foundations and social entities to make this project a reality.

With the financial support of the Next Generation Rehabilitation Funds, the City Council itself and the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), as well as the backing of various companies, the economic viability of these works is guaranteed.

This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both the public and private sectors to address the most pressing social challenges.

The transfer of these buildings is part of a broader strategy of the Barcelona City Council to promote social housing. In 2021, an agreement was signed with the sector of foundations and cooperatives dedicated to this purpose, with the aim of delegating the construction or rehabilitation of new social housing.

Under this agreement, the City maintains ownership of the land, thus ensuring its long-term commitment to the welfare of its citizens.

A firm commitment to affordable housing

The transfer of these buildings for social rent represents a significant step in the right direction to address the affordable housing crisis in Barcelona.

Through collaboration between the public and private sectors, innovative solutions are being implemented that have a real impact on people’s lives.

It is crucial to note that although the buildings are ceded to the foundations, the Barcelona City Council retains ownership of the land at all times. This ensures that the city retains control over land use and can continue to pursue social housing initiatives in the future.

The municipal commitment seeks to address the housing crisis in the city.



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