Elevator for Horta neighborhood connects two streets with unevenness

Elevator for Horta neighborhood connects two streets with unevenness

The Horta neighborhood in Barcelona has experienced a significant advance in terms of accessibility with the recent installation of a new elevator that connects two streets with unevenness.

This initiative, carried out by the Barcelona City Council, has as its main objective to facilitate the mobility of neighbors, especially those with mobility difficulties or who need to transport strollers or baby carriages.

The new elevator to facilitate access to the neighborhood of Horta

The elevator, located between Carrer del Torrent de Can Mariner and Carrer Eduard Toda, overcomes a 5.5-meter drop, offering a vital alternative to the existing stairs in the area.

The works for the construction of this elevator began in April 2023 and finally, it has become operational, marking an important milestone in the improvement of Horta’s urban infrastructure.

In addition to the installation of the elevator, a complete redevelopment of the surrounding area has been carried out, including a small square on Torrent de Can Mariner street.

These improvements not only improve accessibility, but also contribute to beautifying the urban environment and creating safer and more pleasant spaces for residents and visitors.

A neighborhood with steep slopes

The neighborhood of Horta is known for its significant topographical differences, as a result of its location in the foothills of the Sierra de Collserola.

While these slopes add charm to the urban landscape, they can also present challenges for pedestrian and vehicular mobility. That is why initiatives such as the installation of public elevators are so important to improve the quality of life of residents.

This new elevator is in addition to other measures implemented by local authorities to improve accessibility in the Horta neighborhood. For example, in 2019 the Davallada de Gallecs elevator was installed, which also serves to overcome unevenness and improve pedestrian access in the area.

Measures to improve accessibility and mitigate the impacts of these slopes have also been implemented for years, such as the installation of escalators in some areas of the neighborhood.

These actions demonstrate Barcelona City Council’s commitment to creating inclusive and accessible urban environments for all its citizens.

An initiative aimed at improving residents’ comfort and accessibility

The installation of the new elevator in the Horta neighborhood is an important step towards greater accessibility and comfort for residents, as well as contributing to the creation of a safer, more attractive and livable urban environment.

In fact, the elevator has become a very useful alternative, mainly for people with mobility difficulties or those who carry carts, strollers or babies in their arms. The entire community has benefited greatly from this development.



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