14th Century Angel Fountain discovered in Via Laietana construction site

14th Century Angel Fountain discovered in Via Laietana construction site

Barcelona continues to surprise us with its archaeological finds. On this occasion, renovation works on Via Laietana have revealed the impressive remains of the Angel Fountain, a structure thought to have been lost since the 18th century.

Built in the 14th century under the direction of the Consell de Cent, the Angel Fountain was a vital water supply point for the Ribera district. Its octagonal base, eight meters in diameter, adorned the Plaza de Correos, formerly known as Plaza del Vi.

Although its demolition had been recorded in the 18th century, the discovery of its rubble under the layers of pavement has revealed that it was in fact simply buried.

The 14th Century Angel Fountain

The archaeologists, who already knew about the source thanks to historical documents from the Historical Archive of Barcelona, carried out excavations to confirm its existence.

The discovery of the base was only the beginning, as the search was expanded and more remains were found, including a stone bench, two associated collectors and 14th century pottery, confirming the age of the structure.

This rediscovery adds to a series of archaeological finds that have marked the renovation phases of the Via Laietana. From the ancient monastery of Jonqueres to the Roman tombs discovered in earlier phases, each excavation reveals another layer of Barcelona’s rich history.

The Angel Fountain, with its testimony to the city’s medieval splendor, now becomes a focal point of historical and cultural interest.

As work continues and the renovation of Via Laietana is expected to be completed in the summer of 2025, what other treasures might emerge from the depths of history buried beneath the streets of Barcelona? Only time will tell.

In a city where past and present converge in such a fascinating way, each archaeological discovery is a reminder of the richness and diversity of history.

A glimpse into the past: rediscovering the Angel Fountain

The Angel Fountain, built under the command of the Consell de Cent in the 14th century, a government institution of the time, had an octagonal base with an eight-meter diameter.

Although it was believed that the fountain had been demolished in the 18th century, recent discoveries have proven otherwise. Archaeologists knew of the existence of the fountain and investigated it during the renovation of the Via Laietana.

This discovery adds to a series of archaeological finds during the renovation works of the Via Laietana. In September 2022, the remains of an ancient monastery of Jonqueres were found, followed by the discovery of Roman tombs in February 2023.



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