Everything you need to know about T-casual: uses and restrictions

Everything you need to know about T-casual: uses and restrictions

For residents and visitors to Barcelona, the T-Casual has become a convenient and economical option for getting around the city using public transportation. However, it is important to understand the uses and restrictions involved in this transportation card.

We tell you what you can and cannot do with the T-Casual.

What is T-Casual?

The T-Casual is a single-person transport card that offers 10 integrated trips on Barcelona’s public transport network. It is part of the T-Mobilitat system and provides a practical alternative for those who frequently use public transport in the city.

Key details: uses and restrictions

  • Number of trips: The T-Casual comes pre-loaded with 10 trips, available for use on public transport in Barcelona.
  • Validity: The card is valid until the change of rates.
  • Price: The cost of the T-Casual varies according to the number of zones in which you wish to use public transport.
  • Restrictions on use: the T-Casual allows the user to make up to 10 integrated trips from 1 to 6 zones, in a maximum time of 75 minutes between the first and last validation, plus an additional 15 minutes for each extra zone. In addition, it is not valid for Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2 metro stations on line L9 Sud.

It is important to note that the T-Casual is a one-person subscription and cannot be used by more than one person simultaneously. It should be noted that it can be used by different users at different times.

Steps to obtain the T-Mobilitat on your cell phone

  1. Check compatibility: Make sure your Android device has NFC technology.
  2. Register in the system: Register in the system through the website or the official T-Mobilitat mobile application, providing the required personal data.
  3. Purchase of the media: Choose the digital format and make the corresponding payment, which includes a one-time charge of 1 € for the media.
  4. Card recharge: Once you have acquired the digital support, you will be able to recharge your transport cards on a regular basis, both through the application and at the self-sale machines at the stations.

Where to get the T-Casual?

It’s simple. You can purchase and recharge the T-Casual at different T-Mobilitat points of sale, including T-Mobilitat Kiosks, TMB Tickets, Punts TMB and TMB App and at vending machines in the metro network.

In addition to the physical version of the T-Casual, there is the option of using the T-Mobilitat on the cell phone. This requires an Android phone with NFC technology.

Once registered, you can choose the digital format of the T-Casual, which allows easy recharging through the application or at self-service machines in public transport stations.




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