Bànitsa, Bulgarian delicacies

Bànitsa, Bulgarian delicaciesIf Barcelona is known for one thing, it is for welcoming with open arms all kinds of cultures in all possible expressions: art, gastronomy… Today we go to the East without leaving the city. We are talking about a peculiar and charming little corner of the city with a Bulgarian flavor: Bànitsa.

banitsaBànitsa is a charming pastry shop where sweet and savory phyllo pastries are made.
Originally from Bulgaria, the bànitsas that can be enjoyed in this bakery in Barcelona are of the most varied; they range from the sweetest to the saltiest, they are made in all sizes and in an infinite number of shapes. In addition, they are made with 100% natural products (seasonal fruits and vegetables without preservatives or additives).

The bànitsas are baked every day in the bakery itself and are also made to order for events, birthday parties, etc.

But, although they are the undisputed protagonists, not only the bànitsas have a place in this peculiar pastry shop. They also make other types of cakes typical of Eastern Europe. And not only that, but in Bànitsa anyone can enjoy a delicious bite, as they also make gluten-free cakes, paradiabetic, for vegans…. Even those who are not very fond of cakes can enjoy in this pastry shop, as they can also enjoy the rich Bulgarian yogurt, rosehip or rose petal jams and many other delicatessen products from Bulgaria.

Undoubtedly, it is worth a visit. But be warned, if you go, you will want to repeat.
Bànitsa is located at 188 Diputació street.