La Font de la Budellera

Font BudelleraIn the middle of Collserola Park is the Font de la Budellera. Its beginnings date back to 1918 … and the years have not passed in vain for this fountain designed by Jean Claude Nicholas Forestier, in its face you can see the deterioration that it has caused.

In the past, many people came to the fountain in search of water with their bottles and carafes. And that they were convinced that the water there was much purer than anywhere else. However, shortly after work began on the communication tower, a sign appeared next to the fountain stating ‘The potability of the water is not guaranteed’; thus the myth of the pure water emanating from the Forestier fountain died.

How to get there

To get to the fountain from Barcelona it is necessary to take the train to Terrasa or Sabadell and get off at the stop ‘Peu del funicular’. From there you have to get on the funicular and go to the last stop: Vallvidrera. When you reach the square, go up the stairs and take the ‘camí dels Algarve’ until you reach the ‘carrer de les Alberes’. And from there, take the ‘carrer de Can Baseda’ until you reach a crossroads where you can find the ‘carrer de Gabriel Ferrater’ and continue along it until you reach the ‘carrer de Bulledera’. Then you enter the Bulledera Park, which has three different paths. It is the path on the left that leads to the Font de la Bulledera. The views that can be enjoyed of Collserola Park with Tibidabo in the background while walking the trail are simply spectacular and very pleasant.