The Labyrinth Park of Horta

The Labyrinth Park of Horta

Today we propose a visit to a strange and mysterious place, and at the same time spectacular: the Labyrinth of Horta gardens.

The beginnings of this place date back to 1791, when it was built especially for the Devalls family, right next to the neo-Arabic palace that the family owned.

The park can be divided into two distinct areas. On one side is the forest, which symbolizes fears and obsession. On the other hand the beautiful garden, created as a symbol of organization, harmony and control of the mind.

[Video by Ruben and El Mundo ]

A visit to the park allows us to go from chaotic to meticulously organized and planned. In the center of the garden, you can find in different snows the labyrinth, the two temples, the pond with the statue of the dolphins and the cave of Narcissus, all surrounded by a simulacrum of forest.
Nothing in this park is casul and everything has a meaning. Without going any further, the spectacular labyrinth reprensents the search for love. The dolphins evoke spirituality and the water emanating from their mouths symbolizes the fluidity of thoughts and the pond where the water ends up, with its quadrangular shape, symbolizes the perfection achieved through art.

Undoubtedly, it is a magical and very interesting place that deserves to be discovered and enjoyed. A walk through this park easily turns into a great adventure.

How to get there:

Labyrinth Park Address: Paseo Castanyers 1

Access: subway L3, Mundet station
Hours: from 10h to 21h

Admission: 2,20€ | Sundays free.

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