Yoga Body Shake, a fusion of yoga and dance

Yoga Body Shake, a fusion of yoga and dance

An incredible combination of meditation, yoga and dance is what is integrated in the “Yoga Body Shake”, a new way to seek mental and physical health. This new variation of yoga will make you shake your body, get closer to your inner essence, free yourself and enjoy the joy of dancing.

The magic of Yoga Body Shake

This particular fusion was imported from Argentina to Barcelona by Zen guru Maria Grippo. Her classes are inspired by the teachings of Daphne Schilling (actress and dancer author of “Twelve Seasons of the Soul”) and a practice created by Gillian Clark in 1998 in Los Angeles: Yoga Booty Ballet, a mix of ballet, yoga, meditation and cardio.

The objective of this practice is that you can leave your worries aside and for one hour of class you can forget the world. Let go of fears, demands, anxiety. Many students end up crying because they are able to really let go of internal burdens.

In Yoga Body Shake there are two weekly classes in Uptown Barcelona (Padilla, 395), although you can also find them in Andjoy (the former Gymforless), fitness platform through which there is access to gyms.

How are the classes

The session begins with a few minutes of guided meditation aimed at relaxing the mind and body by letting go of worries. You will then spend 10 to 15 minutes in zen mode while breathing and stretching. After that you start dancing between pop, rock and disco music, jumping and changing steps to free yourself.

After the dance you take out the mat to welcome yoga through controlled breathing, balance, movement, concentration and relaxation.

The classes aim to move the body to empower the soul. The maxim of a healthy mind in a healthy body fits very well for this new method of physical activity.

For the sessions you only need to wear soft and comfortable clothes, a pair of sneakers to dance with all your vigor, a yoga mat to stretch your muscles, a bottle of water and above all a lot of energy and attitude.

Benefits of the merger

  • Relieve tension and relax
  • Feeling free
  • Leaving the classroom happy
  • Losing fears and shame
  • Be yourself and recognize yourself
  • Disconnecting through dance
  • Relieve tension and relax
  • Practicing cardio in a healthy and joyful way

The important thing is to have fun, uninhibited, thinking more about yourself and feeling the music. Then you can lower the revolutions by practicing the various yoga positions such as warrior, runner, corpse, savasana, etc.

This new technique seeks to achieve inner connection with the vigor and vibration of life outside of each person.

Maria Grippo states that Yoga Body Shake is pure “Intention in movement”. More information at