Checkpoint Gaming, a place for gamers

Checkpoint Gaming, a place for gamers


It is something like an “afterwork” where everything is ready to spend a fun night. At Checkpoint Gaming you can find different games and boards for all types of players. Every Wednesday from eight o’clock in the evening until midnight, you can enjoy coming to play and escape the stress of routine.

Groups of players gather around a table to play card or themed games where they even have rubber pistols to finish off their opponent. Of course, if the cards favor him and give him the win.

As the evening progresses, the ice between the participants is easily broken and hour after hour more and more attendees arrive. Most of them are between 25 and 40 years old. Until midnight they have fun with dice games, card games, speed duels and video game consoles.

In general, the reception to this innovative initiative has been very good. It has been so successful that the owners have decided to open another day on Sundays. It is called “role-playing Sundays” (at the same time as Wednesdays), where attendees gather to play the mythical “The town sleeps” where you can be a policeman, a murderer or a town.

What to play at Checkpoint Gaming

The games vary each week and are the most typical and the attendees choose a board upon arrival. You can choose according to your needs or expectations. For example, you can go for “The Spy Who Got Lost”, very useful if you want to meet people and socialize; or play “The Secret Code” if you are a foreigner and want to learn new vocabulary.

There is also “Catan” which is a long game; “Speed jungle” for short games or “Monkidu”, the traditional game of mimicry to lose fear.

Video games

Checkpoint Gaming also has room for video games. The site features all consoles, from the N64 and Play 1 to the Xbox One or Switch. All of them are from the owner’s personal collection, so you can find classic games from the 90’s for amateur or professional garmers.

Duels of speed

On the table where the “Speed jungle” is, you need a lot of agility and speed. The game consists of drawing cards and when two participants coincide in the same figure or color, they must face a duel of speed to see who grabs a wooden cylinder first.

Play sessions are organized through the Meetup website, although other players arrive via Facebook friend group information. Others simply walk by and see the sign at the entrance or see a TV with a console to play Tetris from the nineties and immediately get caught and enter. Located at Carrer de Bailen, 43, 08010.