Enjoy “finger food” in these 3 restaurants



Eating with your fingers is in fashion. These so-called “finger foods” are already a global trend that is being practiced in much of the world. Here you don’t have protocols to be able to eat. The only thing is to make sure you have clean hands and forget that cutlery exists.

Gastronomy scholars claim that it is actually much more pleasurable to eat directly with your hands than to use cutlery. And this act has an explanation: when the diner feels the food, touches it, he immediately has information that gives him an idea of what is waiting to be tasted.

They claim that just at that instant a bridge is formed between the brain and the food, whereby the person can have something like a preview of what he or she is about to taste. They also claim that it is more enjoyable to lick your fingers with sauce than to lick a cold steel spoon.

So if you follow the trend you can just use your little hands and replace the napkin with the back of your hands.

Where to try finger food in Barcelona

1.Parking Pita

Everything is good and cheap in this place where a long wooden table is the most prominent feature. Among other delicacies you can eat the pita bread handmade in a wood oven either alone or accompanied. It is stuffed with lamb or chicken and served with fried potatoes with harissa sauce and curried truffles. At Parking Pita you will want to eat all this with your hands and lick your fingers with this delicious sauce. Located at Paseo de Sant Joan, 56. Web Site: www.parkingpizza.com


Finger food is the order of the day at this restaurant. Here you can eat with your hands the most delicious grilled chicken bathed in rancio wine and spices. Each part of the chicken is a delicious and tender piece that has become a gourmet vianda to eat quietly with your hands. Located at Gran de Gràcia, 7. Rec Comtal, 7. Santaló, 39. Web Site: www.apluma.com

3.The Bikineria

In this small trench located inside the Ninot market, it is the perfect place to worship the sandwich. It is served with the perfect bread and with ingredients selected with ingenuity and rigor in the market. All this integrated with a good iron and a touch of imagination.

The menu at La Bikineria, although fixed, changes according to the season. You can taste the classic crispy emmental and egg or the Carbonara with parmesan, guanciale, caramelized onion, egg yolk and oregano. And for dessert one with Nutella and strawberries. Located in Ninot Market: Mallorca, 135. Web Site: www.labikineria.es