5 restaurants to eat escudella

5 restaurants to eat escudella


Eating escudella in Barcelona is a great plan. This famous stew or soup is one of the typical dishes of Catalan gastronomy. Just thinking about the aroma of the broth resulting from a mixture of flavors from the large meatball of minced meat with bacon, beaten egg, garlic and parsley and the vegetables such as turnip, celery, green cabbage, leek, etc. will make your mouth water.

There are variants of escudella, in one of these recipes there is not one big meatball but many tiny ones, about the size of a grape. There are other simpler preparations and other more sophisticated ones with special ingredients such as macaroons or galettes (especially for the Christmas holidays).

But no matter how you like it, and even if you can prepare it at home, it is a great idea to enjoy this dish prepared by experts.

Where to eat escudella in Barcelona


This beautiful and classic restaurant may surprise you because it offers escudella accompanied by galets stuffed with pilota and foie. It takes the traditional recipe and simply complements it to make this dish a true delight. Located at Carrer de Marià Cubí, 59.

2.Terra d’Escudella

A temple of Catalan cuisine where you can find and taste all the typical dishes you want, obviously including the delicious escudella. The price of the menu on weekdays is 10.50 euros and on Saturdays it costs 13.30 euros. If you want to taste a good escudella, Terra prepares it every Friday. Located at Carrer de Premià, 20.

Ca l’Estevet

This mythical restaurant of the Condal City is very well known because it has already celebrated its centenary of existence. If you want to eat escudella in Barcelona Ca l’Estevet is a wonderful choice to do so. The menu includes wine and dessert and they serve escudella on Wednesdays. Located at Carrer de Valldonzella, 46.

4.La Cuina del Guinardó

You can be offered different versions of preparation, but the best known is the galets. At La Cuina del Guinardó you can also taste l’escudella de barrejada, a version with a dense but flavorful broth. This variety is served with chickpeas, potatoes, black pudding and pork. Located at Carrer de Varsòvia, 148.

Fermí Puig

When the cold weather arrives, escudella immediately arrives at Fermí Puig. Here you can eat it with pilota and galets. The pilotas or meatballs made of pork, egg and wet bread that are cooked in the broth are what give the dish its unmistakable flavor. You can also order it with carn d’olla to eat there or to take away if you prefer. The broth is served at the right point of density and its flavor is a product of the mixture of pork, beef and chicken. Located at Carrer de Balmes, 175.