Chickster, where the chicken is worshiped

Chickster, where the chicken is worshiped

The name will sound more like a hipster or something like that. But Chickster is actually the name of a restaurant where you can eat chicken directly from nearby organic farms with natural fried potatoes and homemade sauces. It is a “fast good” type of chicken.

The name Chickster comes from an integration of the terms “chicken” and “hipster” and baptizes a new place with a modern feel at Passeig de Sant Joan 66.

The chickens that are prepared there are of Empordà origin, naturally raised. They are smaller than the traditional ones, but their meat is more tender. As a result, when they come out of the rotating rotisserie, they are juicy and tasty, as they are previously marinated with spices, lemon, olive oil and whiskey. You can eat it in half pieces or a quarter. You will be delighted.

Chickster wings and drumsticks

The same opinion is held for the wings that you can eat skewered on skewers and the delicious Crunchy Counter-breasts. The chicken is also coated with wheat flour, spices, chickpea flour, Crunchy Crumbs and water.

These ingredients allow you to experience an exquisite contrast between the tenderness of the meat and the crunchiness of the outside.

Chickster distinguishes itself by offering its diners real quality chicken. The ecological one, of which only the breast is roasted, stands out. They complement this detail with completely homemade accompaniments such as french fries that are not pre-frozen but natural. What to say about the sauces prepared there: chimichurri, chili, mango, mojo.

They also offer other delicious dishes. For example Russian salad, hummus, mozzarella sticks, vegetables with pesto, nachos with cheese, Caesar salad, guacamole and tzatziki sauce prepared with yogurt, mint and cucumber and mint.

Chickster: good, nice and cheap chicken

And of high quality. You can find several menus, among which the half chicken, two presas including a drink for 10.90 euros. Another one is the veggie one where instead of meat you can choose four preys plus a drink for 11,90.

The chicken in half pieces is 7.10 euros and quarters at 4.50 euros, so you will taste well marinated chicken. In addition to the wings, thighs and chicken itself, you can also enjoy delicious bacon or brie burgers, topped with red fruit jam and truffle sauce.

If you don’t want to eat there, you can take it all home or choose a weekday lunch menu (for example half a chicken with two side dishes plus a drink for 10.90 euros). But if you prefer something more vegetarian you can take four prey of your choice and a drink for 11.90.

Chickster, where is it

Paseo de Sant Joan, 66, Barcelona.

Hours: every day from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays until 00.00.

Average price: 12 euros.